Global Asian Times is a Toronto-based premier one-stop high gloss online destination of the world for arts, entertainment, lifestyle and news. Its mission is to serve as a bridge between the dynamic global Asian community and the thriving western world. We blend the rich spices from the east with the simmering sensuality of the west to burst forth with tantalizing aromas, sensations and sagas. This unique platform will feature interviews, reviews, news and views from the established glitterati of the world arts scene, while bringing forth fresh, rising talent from world over.

GAT will feature talent in the creative fields of books, music, dance, painting, cinematography, photography, graphics, theater, comedy and much more. We firmly believe that talent transcends borders, races, language, skin color and ethnicity. Art is the language of Gods and artists are its skilled translators, deciphering God’s will for the pleasure, enrichment and entertainment of the global family of humans that calls earth its home.

Our Interviews segment will be your preferred resource for staying up to date with established and emerging authors and artists in all creative fields. Their answers to candid questions will quench your curiosity on what stimulated them to choose passion over prescribed goals, inner calling over job interview calls, and charting new paths instead of treading the same old.

The Vinita Kinra Show will celebrate not only global Asian achievers from all walks of life, but also leaders and trendsetters of the world who successfully carved a niche for themselves by their dedication to the community at large. This mesmerizing talk show hosted by renowned author and GAT Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Vinita Kinra, will showcase artists from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, who possess the potential of fashionably altering the creative landscape of Canada and the world.

CEO & Founder:

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar is a trailblazing visionary whose primary objective is not just to promote, serve and entertain the thriving global Asian community worldwide, but to become a rock solid bridge between the east and the west so that tradition and modernity can have a dynamic meeting of minds.

A born entrepreneur brimming with innovative ideas, Pankaj Kumar laid the groundwork for Global Asian Times to act as a fusion between his personal invigorating Asian heritage and the rest of the world. Having traveled extensively in India, Europe, and North America, Pankaj believes in nouveautés: a fresh breath of ideas without the déjà vu.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in French from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, and lived in France to absorb the subtleties of the language of love, with its famous tagline, Je t’aime! 

In India, Pankaj has traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, literally from the snowcapped Himalayas to the sandy beaches where the enchanting Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. In France, Pankaj has savored the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps in Grenoble, where he lived right by Isère River and watched with pleasure the famous cable cars, Les Bulles, slide up and down between the city centre and the Bastille.

He has also had the pleasure of exploring the hidden jewel of Orléans, a Parisian suburb, whose history boasts the famous crossing of the Loire River by the chivalrous Joan of Arc during the 15th century. Who could live in France and not surrender himself to the sublime history and landmarks of the world’s capital of love, Paris? Pankaj is a real connoisseur of the open-air cafés of Paris serving the best wines and cheeses, chocolates and pastries, baguettes and croissants.

His experience with conventional jobs includes working as Commercial Assistant with The Consulate General of India in Vancouver, where he planned, organized and represented the Consulate General’s participation in international trade fairs (picture on top shows Mr. Kumar with former Minister of Foreign Affairs, hon. David Emerson, and Mr. Goswami from CGI – far right). Pankaj has also collaborated with scores of international exporters and helped clinch profitable deals for French and Indian businesses. He traveled to Germany to showcase a prominent exporter from India during the  Frankfurt International Trade Fair in 2004. Pankaj has since had stints as a high-achieving bilingual advisor with General Electric and Canadian Direct Insurance.

A born lover of nature and everything natural, Pankaj draws inspiration from the scenery that surrounds him, and it is this lifelong connection with nature that fuels his imagination and triggers his entrepreneurial vigor. He is multi-talented and multilingual, an ardent proponent of everything creative. He aspires to help your dreams soar higher than the Eiffel Tower, so don’t be a stranger, contact him HERE.


Vinita Kinra

Vinita Kinra

Vinita Kinra was born in Milton (Ontario), Canada on June 2, 1975, and holds a Master’s degree in French. She debuted her career as an English teacher in France with prestigious high school, Lycée Internationale Stendhal, followed by lectureship at Université Stendhal and Université d’Orléans.

She is an internationally renowned author, public speaker and activist, best known for her collection of fictional short stories, Pavitra in Paris, published to critical acclaim in 2013.

Vinita Kinra speaking at Alan A. Martin Sr. Public School, Mississauga

Vinita Kinra speaking at Alan A. Martin Sr. Public School, Mississauga

Vinita’s sharp, thought-provoking quotations have appeared alongside world legends like Gandhi, Buddha, Einstein, Jimmy Carter and H.G. Wells. Her next book, IMAGINE: Selected Quotations, is launching in 2016. Many of her quotations have been adopted by business houses, fashion schools and international organizations for their powerfully fresh take on pertinent global issues like environmental protection, religious harmony, nation building, friendship, love, destiny, death, success, wisdom, spirituality and much more.

Vinita is a sought after public speaker, frequently invited to deliver speeches in English and French at schools, community groups, womens’ organizations, and writers’ and entrepreneurs’ groups throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Her speeches on the need to fight racism and discrimination, global warming, gender inequality, social injustice and violation of human rights have received wide media attention, including CBC.

Vinita is at work on her novel, Live and Let us Live, a gripping suspense between life and death, set in the burning backdrop of climate change in the pristine Himalayan valleys of India.