June 17, 2019

Airlift Trailer: Must watch for action buffs

Breathtaking action recreates biggest evacuation during Iraq-Kuwait war


Airlift is 2016 war-thriller film starring India’s beloved action hero Akshay Kumar of “Khiladi” fame. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Airlift is based on a true story that played out during the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. Akshay Kumar plays the leading role of Ranjit Katyal, an influential Kuwaiti businessman of Indian origin, who spearheads the biggest civil evacuation of Indians during the war. The leading lady of the film is portrayed by Nimrat Kaur. Released before the 67th Republic Day of India, Airlift has grossed an impressive US$18 million within 6 days of its release according to Wikipedia.


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