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Armenian mail order brides are certainly worth your attention. They share traditional gender values and roles, they believe that family is the #1 priority, and they have that “exotic” beauty. If you want to find the best Armenian women, you’ll have to find a safe and reputable dating website — and that’s exactly what we’ll help you with today. Here, you’ll find the list of the best sites in our opinion with thousands of single Armenian ladies. All these websites have been tested by our experts, all of them are trustworthy, and all of them provide a high-quality experience. If all you want is a decent dating site, then don’t waste your time and pick any from the list below! Please note that the scores and dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team’s opinion.

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Last Updated: May 2023

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The best features of Armenian women. Are they so good?

armenian mail order brides

What are the coolest features of Armenian brides? Are they really as good as some men say? Well, it seems like a little explanation is necessary. Here, we’ll list 5 most important reasons, why women from Armenia are definitely worth your attention. Let’s take a look at them.

Armenian mail order brides are extremely beautiful

And it’s not just words. The Daily Mail has conducted a survey (they interviewed more than 44,000 of American men), and Armenian girls were voted the sexiest in the world — well, yeah, the survey took place in 2015, but we’re sure that nothing has changed during these years. Latin ladies? Slavic women? American or European girls? No, it’s Armenians who have won. And you know what? We are totally sure that the result of this survey reflects the real situation. The thing is, Armenian girls look stunning. They have thick and healthy black hair, their figures are skinny and hourglass is the most common type of figure when it comes to the ladies from Armenia. They do also have beautiful faces, tanned skin (most often), and dark eyes — if we had to choose one word to describe the beauty of these women, we would definitely choose the word “royal”. Think of Kardashians, for example — you can love them or hate them, but you just can’t deny that they look gorgeous. We don’t want to say that all of the women in Armenia look like Kim, of course, but it’s something similar. Not so extraordinary, maybe, but certainly similar.

And yes, it’s not only about natural beauty. Armenian girls pay much attention to choosing their clothing nowadays, and their outer appearance is really good. There are fewer men than women in Armenia, so all the ladies in this country do everything to look as good as possible. No fake brands, stylish looks, great makeup — your Armenian wife or girlfriend will definitely stand out from the crowd, and we are sure that you’ll love it.

Armenian girls are traditional

beautiful armenian woman

Well, not all of them, really. Some of Armenian ladies are quite conservative, while others are very similar to modern American women. However, all of them have one thing in common: they respect their traditions and their culture. Traditional gender roles are one of the core values in Armenia, and almost 100% of the families in this country are traditional, too. Some may say that it’s bad because, you know, gender inequality, feminism, and gender stereotypes, but we believe that it’s great. A woman controls the household, feeds, teaches, and raises the children (and makes a husband happy). A man provides, protects, and loves his wife and their children. It’s simple as that, and if you like this concept, you will not ever find a better wife than an Armenian wife.

Armenian mail order wives are meek and shy

If you prefer confident and active women who always act like leaders, you should find an American lady (but don’t forget that all these qualities go hand in hand with feminism, hysterical behavior, and other unpleasant things). However, if you’re looking for a shy woman who will never question your leadership, you definitely should think of Armenian mail order brides. They are very shy (most of the time), and they are extremely feminine — because that’s what all women from traditional societies are. The only problem you’ll have with her shyness is that you’ll need to arm yourself with patience to conquer her love — but when you succeed, you will be the happiest man in the world.

Women from Armenia value family above all else

As we’ve just said, all those hot girls believe that a family is the most important thing in the world. Of course, we can call them “family-oriented” — but what does it mean for you? Well, your Armenian wife will respect you unconditionally, she will value marriage vows, and she will be totally loyal to you. It’s quite logical — because when you want to have a strong family, you never cheat on your partner.

By the way, it’s one of the greatest features of hot Armenian women — they just don’t cheat on their partners, because of their society, culture, and traditions. Family is basically the goal for the absolute majority of these ladies. Well, of course, they are ambitious and ready to work in an office — that’s certainly not a problem for them. But having a strong family, raising the kids, and taking care of the house is much more important for them. Just for you to know.

Armenian brides cook and clean

We understand that it’s not the most important thing in the world and that it’s not the main factor to consider when choosing a wife. But still, it’s really cool when your woman keeps the house clean without questioning, isn’t it? These ladies are awesome cooks, and you will definitely love it. Armenian cuisine is extremely tasty, and such meals as dolma, Armenian barbecue, manti, and basturma will 100% become your everyday food!

Armenian women: what you must know about them

armenian women

That’s not all. Beauty is a good thing, as well as a willingness to have a family, but there are some other facts you have to know about Armenian brides before dating or marriage. Continue reading — here, we’ve collected the most important facts about these women.

  1. Family. As we’ve said, they are very family-oriented, and that’s true. But that’s not the only thing you must know about them. The thing is, all the Armenian fathers take care of their daughters and protect them. Sometimes it’s more like overprotection, you know. Well, it’s quite logical, because the fathers don’t want their daughters to find an indecent person, but you still should be ready for this overprotection. When you meet her family, you’ll most likely be asked tons of questions — that’s how they want to make sure that you’re a good man and that you won’t hurt their daughter.
  2. No one-night stands. Never. One-night stands are not what you should expect when you’re looking for hot Armenian girls. At first, that’s just not how it works for them — we’ve already said that these women want to create strong families, so they all are focused on long-term relationships. Another reason why hookups are not even an option is (again!) their families — as you already understood, Armenian fathers are definitely not happy about their daughters acting inappropriately (as they think).
  3. They are not dominant. We don’t really know where this stereotype comes from, but a fact is a fact: lots of men think that Armenian brides are really dominant and that they want to control everything. That’s not true. Well, they can control the things if you ask them to — like if you want to relax. But they are definitely not dominant, and they do not actually want to be the leaders — so don’t worry about it. It’s just another false stereotype, nothing more.
  4. They are quite hard to date. That’s a fact, too. We’ve already explained the reasons — their families are quite conservative and too controlling sometimes, so you’ll have to go through this.
  5. No “open relationships”. We are sure that it’s obvious, but still: open relationships are not for hot Armenian girls. It’s very unlikely that you’ll have a strong family if you begin with such a type of relationship, and as we’ve said, every girl from Armenia is 100% loyal to her partner — and it runs counter “open” relationships. You don’t cheat on her, she doesn’t cheat on you — that’s the only way it works with hot Armenian women.
  6. They are open-minded and fun. Yes, they are quite shy, and yes, they still like having fun. They are very hospitable, and they adore walking, having guests, and partying — so you should be ready for it. Sitting at home is certainly not an option if you date an Armenian bride.
  7. Language isn’t a problem. Do you speak Russian? They do, but even if you don’t, it won’t be a problem. Your Armenian mail order bride will most likely understand you well and reply with quite good English. If you want to find a beautiful Armenian woman in your country, it’s even better — 100% of Armenians who live in English speaking countries can speak fluently.
  8. Lots of them are virgins. You probably know why, right? It’s their families again. The thing is, when a woman can’t go out on a date without being watched and controlled, it’s quite difficult to find a man. Some of them believe that premarital sex is a sin — of course, it’s up to you, but here’s a hint: not all of them are so conservative. Search and you’ll find.
  9. Armenian culture is amazing. Arts, literature, music, architecture — this is a unique country with a unique history. We highly recommend to visit Armenia and to ask your future wife about the culture of her country. Armenians love their motherland, so she’ll gladly tell you everything she knows about it. Oh, and it can be a great ice-breaker, by the way!
  10. Relationship won’t progress fast. We’ll tell you some dating tips later, but here’s the main rule: don’t expect anything extraordinary to happen on the first dates and you won’t be disappointed.

Dating an Armenian girl: online tips and advice

hot armenian girls

Want to find a beautiful Armenian woman? Read these tips before! We’ll tell you the basic rules of dating hot Armenian girls online — whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’ll still find something useful here.

  1. Start online. Nightlife is underdeveloped in Armenia, and women often attend bars together with their brothers or male friends. That’s how it works here. You can still try to find a woman in a park or in a mall, but websites work much better. If a woman registers on an Armenian dating site, she knows what she wants — and that’s why it’s much easier than picking up girls while walking down the street in Armenia.
  2. Find a good Armenian dating site. Good means safe, reputable, and with a good anti-scam policy. We’ve already collected the best dating sites which will help you to meet Armenian singles — you can choose any of them and get a high-quality experience. We can guarantee it — these websites are protected with the latest encryption technologies, they have strong anti-scam filters, and they have only positive reviews.
  3. Create a cool profile. But the website, no matter how good it is, can’t find you a woman and arrange a date. That’s what you’ll have to do by yourself. To attract as many single Armenian ladies as you want, you’ll have to add your best photos and to write your profile. Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Do you want to have kids? What does your perfect woman look like? Write your answers — they will help all those women understand you better.
  4. Write to several ladies and use video chat. Don’t focus on one woman — thousands of them are waiting for you right now, so it wouldn’t be wise to get fixed on one of them. If a website offers a video chat feature, use it — that’s the best way to understand that the person you’re talking to is real.
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Offline dating — how to date Armenian ladies and not to screw up?

mail order brides armenia

When you meet Armenian singles online, everything is quite simple. But sooner or later, you’ll have to arrange a date — and if you are looking for some dating tips, here they are.

Be confident. Maybe you’ll have to earn a date — these women can be really unapproachable and even cold at the very beginning. It’s not that she doesn’t like you, no — it’s just Armenian dating traditions.

Dress cool. Smart casual will work great. The thing is, these women know how to dress and how to look great, so you will have to look just as great as them.

Eat their food. It’s simple as that: if you’re invited to dinner, try all the dishes and compliment the food. Well, we can bet that this food will be really tasty, so you won’t have to tell lies.

Compliments. Nothing to say here really: all the women from all around the world love compliments, and of course, the women from Armenia are not an exception. But avoid dirty jokes and cheesy comments.

Be punctual. It’s one of the things you can do to show your respect — if you’re punctual, you respect her time, and you keep your word. Well, that’s not something special for the women from Armenia, actually.

No sex talks, no kisses on the first date. As we’ve said, you’ll have to be patient to make such a woman fall in love with you. And of course, you should forget about having sex on the first date, as well as about talking about it until she knows you better. Oh, and it’s also very unlikely that she will kiss you on a first or on a second date, by the way.

Be the leader. We’ve already said it, but let’s repeat: it’s you who will have to make the first steps, it’s you who’ll have to plan everything, and it’s you who will make decisions. Show her that you are a real man, a strong person — and she will be yours.

Let’s conclude it. Are Armenian ladies worth your attention?

In short words: yes, they definitely are. They are very beautiful Asian mail order wives that share traditional values and want to find a husband and to have kids. They are just perfect for all men who are looking for long-term relationships, and if you’re one of these men, you shouldn’t waste your time now. Choose the website from the list above, create a profile, and write to beautiful Armenian women. They are waiting for you, and it’s not just words — there are literally thousands of pretty Armenian ladies who dream of dating and marrying a foreigner. Find your love right now!