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Asian Marriage Tours: All You Should Know About Romance Tours

9 June 2022
Asian Marriage Tours: All You Should Know About Romance Tours

First, letโ€™s clarify what exactly dating tours are. Wikipedia defines them as the tours that guys take in search of a relationship (in most cases, a serious relationship, in particular, marriage). The ultimate goal of such tours is to find a woman compatible with the men meeting the most important expectations of both parties.

This definition pretty much explains the nature of such tours. Still, it doesnโ€™t explain how this business works and what men and women can really expect from such trips. That is what we are going to discuss in this article. Below, you can find information about Asian dating tours, types of such tours, most popular destinations, and more.

Asian bride tours: What are the destinations?

Asian bride tours What are the destinations

Asia is huge โ€” there are 48 countries, and the region ranks first when it comes to the number of inhabitants. According to Statista, currently, over 4 billion people live there, and thatโ€™s more than half of the worldโ€™s total population. So, if you ask something like โ€œOkay, I want one of those Asian romance tours, but where exactly can we go?โ€ your question will be more than just reasonable. The answer, however, is simple โ€” itโ€™s up to you. You can choose between the most popular countries, which are as follows:

  • The Philippines
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka

What is the best Asian country with the most beautiful women? It is a matter of taste. We recommend learning more about every country and women who live there before you make the final choice.

Best Dating Sites To Find An Asian Wife

Last Updated: Jun 2023

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OrchidRomance is a perfect place to look for your stunning date from Asia.


What are the types of romance tours?

Most agencies offer two types of tours: personalized and group tours. Which one should you choose? Generally speaking, it depends. Consider the following information to make the right decision.

Things you should know about personalized tours

Here are the main pros & cons of such tours:

  • These are individual tours for one man only.
  • Personalized tours are significantly pricier than group ones.
  • There is no competition with other men who have also come to meet hot ladies.
  • A man has more time to build a connection with a girl he likes.
  • All girls meet your preferences, not someone elseโ€™s personal tastes.
  • Bigger chance of meeting the right Asian woman on the first try.
  • You are a VIP guest, after all.

Things you should know about group tours

What to expect from group tours? Let us take a look.

  • Other men (the number of โ€œtouristsโ€ varies) come to meet Asian ladies with you.
  • Such tours are much cheaper than personalized ones.
  • Competition between men is probably the worst disadvantage of such tours.
  • You can meet more different women.
  • You have less time to build a connection with a woman you like best.
  • It may take you a few tries, i.e., a few tours to meet your dream girl.

As you can see, the only disadvantage of a personalized tour is its cost โ€” the price is much higher compared to group tours. On the other hand, there is a bigger chance of finding an individual tour, and considering that it may take a few attempts to meet a special woman in group tours, the total costs may be equal.

Generally speaking, if you are not afraid of competition, if you donโ€™t mind coming to such a tour a few times, if you like meeting lots of new people, including men, if you like traveling, choosing a group tour may be a great decision. But if finding a wife is your only priority, a personalized one might be the best, most rational choice.

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What exactly do Asian dating tours include?

Asian dating tours

Please, note that the number of services and procedures of providing them may vary depending on the policy of the agency. But in most cases, that is what a customer gets after he finds an agency, chooses the destination, and pays for his romance tour:

  • Concierge service. This is one of the best services provided to those who pay for personalized tours โ€” a personal concierge considers all your preferences, books the right hotel, chooses the best seat on the plane, etc.
  • Women he likes. Every customer provides information about his expectations, from female body shape and hair color to personal qualities, and the agency selects women he may like.
  • Interpretation services. Even if ladies donโ€™t speak English, a client will not experience any difficulty when talking with women. Those who buy personalized tours get a personal interpreter who also collects information about every lady, as well as the feedback from her, so the customer can keep building a relationship with a woman who likes him, too.
  • Dates, dates, and lots Asian girls for marriage. The agencies provide customers with an opportunity to meet a lot of different women in a lot of places, so you can expect to have a lot of dates: group or personal ones.
  • Help with Visa. If a man meets a wife and is sure that he wants to marry her, he can also count on the support of an agency. It provides all forms, detailed instructions you need to get a K-1 Visa and take your bride to the USA.

So, here is the algorithm: a man finds the agency, chooses a group or personalized tour, fills in the form providing information about his expectations about the place, hotel, women, etc., and selects the date. Then he takes the tour and enjoys sights, attractions, and dates with beautiful ladies.

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The bottom line

There is nothing wrong with taking a tour to meet Asian beauties. Romance tours, however, may also be different, and the trickiest part is not to fill in the form but to find the right marriage tours site. Double-check everything, make sure that the policy of the agency is transparent and clear, and if you really want to meet an Asian girl, give it a try.


What should I choose: a group romance tour or a personalized tour?

It depends on your budget and your expectations. If you want to find a wife and can afford to pay more, choose a personalized tour. If you donโ€™t mind taking a few tours and spending time not only with ladies but also with other men who have the same goal, choose a group tour.

Is a personalized tour much pricier than the personal one?

Yes, it is, but the one who buys it has a better chance of meeting a wife on the first try.

What are dates in tours like?

Depends on what you choose, a group or a personalized tour. Still, in both cases, you will meet many beautiful women in various beautiful places. You can choose some of them and then have personal dates.

If I found my future wife and proposed to her during this tour, what should I do next?

You need to get a K-1 fiance visa to take your bride to the USA. Then you should get married in the near future.

How long does it take to get a fiance visa?

It may take 2-3 months to get this visa.

What should we do after we get married?

You will need to apply for a green card for your wife.

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