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Main Page Blog Top 5 Asian Countries with Hottest Asian Mail Order Brides

Top 5 Asian Countries with Hottest Asian Mail Order Brides

9 June 2022
Top 5 Asian Countries with Hottest Asian Mail Order Brides

Asia is one of the top destinations for men from all over the world. But why are Westerns so drawn to this region in particular? Is it because of their special culture? Or maybe, picturesque sights? All the above are definitely worth your attention, but the main reason is prettiestย Asian women.

Today, we are going to explore the world of these gorgeous ladies and learn which Asian country has the most beautiful women. Stay with us and find out what countries you should focus on if you are looking for the most beautiful girlfriend.

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Why are Western men looking for the most beautiful woman in Asia?

Western men have long been the admirers of Asian beauty and have often gone to Asia looking for a wife. But an attractive Oriental look is not the only thing that makes them so alluring. Those stunning beauties have so much to offer, including:

  • Caring personality
  • Humble attitude to life
  • Being perfect housewives
  • Passionate and affectionate character
  • Knowledge of Asian secrets of seduction
  • Cute and sweet character
  • Loyalty

Even though this list is generalizations about Asian women, as of course, each woman has unique traits. Your future girl may be just like this, or she may only have some of those traits. Besides, you should note that the Asian region is huge, and each country has a unique culture that gives each bride something special.

If you want to meet Asian bride online, knowing where to start looking for them is the most important task. So, letโ€™s explore this region to find the country with most beautiful woman in Asia.

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Top 5 Hottest Asian Countries

Here is the list of top spots to check in Asia. Scroll down to find out the answer to the question where you can find an Asian country with most beautiful women.

China โ€” the land of stunning ladies

Chinese ladies

China is definitely a leader of our rate, as this country has one of the hottest Asian women in the world that are of different appearance types. Every man can find a lady for his taste. The majority of local women have very light skin and dark straight hair. In fact, such a beauty combo is typical for many Asians. But the distinctive feature of Chinese ladies is that they support the idea of natural beauty and donโ€™t wear too much makeup. Moreover, their naturally porcelain-like skin and petite figures make people compare them to dolls.

Also, Chinese ladies:

  • Are intelligent & can give you wise advice
  • Are not talkative but very friendly
  • Can cook fantastic Chinese food
  • Are hard-working & masters in multitasking

Dating Chinese girls online is extremely popular nowadays. But an interesting fact is that men in China actually use dating services more than women. And the difference is more than twice โ€” 67.4% men to 32.6% women. But donโ€™t worry that you wonโ€™t be able to meet Chinese girls, China has a vast population, and such a percentage is actually a lot of hotties.

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South & North Korea

Korean women

Even though North and South Korea is not one country, Korean women are still among the most attractive Asians. Both countries have different state and economic systems, cultures and historical events that formed their mentality. Still, they have the same ancestry that makes them much more similar than it may seem. But what puts those women in the list of the most beautiful Asian countries?

Korean women are known to be smart, stunningly beautiful, and sweet. They are never rushing into a relationship but taking their time to observe, get to know the man they like.

An interesting fact is that Korean mail-order brides are very attracted to foreigners as they tend to provide more stability and treat them better.

However, North and South Korean women have their peculiarities, and to learn more about them, read this full Korean mail order brides guide.

Japanese women โ€” a dream of every man

Japanese women

When you think about beautiful Japanese women, the first thing that springs to mind is the word โ€˜kawaii,โ€™ that means cute. Girls in the Land of the Rising Sun are known to be very youthful, friendly and have round features. Their lovely baby faces and thin bodies make them super cute and uniquely attractive. Such tenderness and beauty are what make so many men fly across the globe to meet them.

Another things that make them the most beautiful women in Asia are:

  • Unique Japanese allure and charm
  • Flawless fashion and grace
  • Brightness of mind & good education
  • Family priority
  • Easy-going personalities
  • Loving & caring partners
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Find your stunning bride in the Philippines

Philippines women

Filipino women attract men a lot, no wonder why they win so many beauty contests. Their exotic beauty, combined with irresistible charm, is their heritage. Look at gorgeous Kathryn Bernardo or Liza Soberano to get an idea about the appearance of these ladies. Their cute small eyes, perfect face, and caramel or porcelain skin make them so hot. Besides, those ladies age very well, and youโ€™ll never guess how old a Philippine girl is.

The Philippines is one of the countries with prettiest women because their ladies not only have the smoking-hot appearance, but they also:

  • Are devoted to their family
  • Have traditional views on life
  • Have an easy-going personality
  • Have kind and nurturing nature
๐Ÿ“Œ Interested? Then you should find yourself a Filipino bride! Get to know them better and learn about ways to connect with them on

Thailand: Are Thai women worth your attention?

Thai women

The beauty of Thai women lies in smooth caramel skin, slim but curvy bodies, and long hair. Their genes make them naturally very attractive, and it seems that they donโ€™t need any makeup at all. The alluring exotic look of Thai women is what makes them so unique and desired. Thai girls make Thailand the hottest Asian country not only because of their mesmerizing beauty but also because of their personality.

The distinctive thing about the personality of Thai girls is their modesty and humbleness. Also, they are very gracious, polite, and easy to be around. Marrying a woman from Thailand is a wonderful choice as those stunning ladies know how to make a man really happy. They tend to be very positive and have a radiant nature that makes them even more attractive.

๐Ÿ“Œ You can learn more about Thai women for marriage in our article.

The bottom line

So, which Asian country has the most beautiful woman? The answer is all of them. All the top five countries can boast of very attractive women that can make any man fall for them. Choosing one of these countries to look for a future bride is an excellent idea, as they are the home of women that are not only stunning but also have an inner beauty of soul that is precious.

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