July 20, 2019

Debutante Indian writer sets a sinister plot in Boston for Dark Soul

MItali Priyadarshini

MItali Priyadarshini

Mitali Priyadarshini is from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. She is a B.Tech graduate from ITER, Bhubaneswar, and is currently Project Engineer in Bangalore-based Wipro. She has a knack for writing articles, poems and sketching. Her initial days of novel reading have inspired her to write books. She wishes to change the way India looks at fantasy and thriller writings. Dark Soul is her debut novel and is the first of her fantasy series. She is currently writing the sequel to her first book.

GAT: Welcome to Global Asian Times, Mitali. What explains your fascination with dark fantasies?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Since childhood, I have been fascinated by fantasy stories. I still remember how my uncle used to tell me so many stories of angels, ghosts, and strange lands when I was a kid. His narration always kept me hooked to the stories. With the passing of time, the storytelling stopped, but my imagination grew constantly while I read many fantasy/dark fiction stories. I guess my craze for dark fantasy would never end.

GAT: Which is the one character from your book Dark Soul that you enjoyed creating the most and why?

Mitali Priyadarshini: As a writer, it’s hard to choose the best among my characters. But I must say that Tom—the lead of the story—is the first character of story, and also the character who is really special to me. Because I have put a lot of thought into him, and how the character would mature gradually in the upcoming books. He has a dark side, yet one can never hate him. In short, I can also say that he’s the kind of a guy every girl would want in her life.

GAT: Fantasies are far removed from reality. Why do you avoid reality?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Well, writing a fantasy fiction is not about avoiding reality but amalgamating dreams with reality. Fantasies can never be far from reality because as they say, you can only achieve dreams if you see them with naked eyes. Most of the fantasy stories have something to tell—a message bonded with an imaginary world. When it comes to writing fantasy, I think it’s a pretty tough job, because we have to entangle a totally imaginary world with real life situations and make it believable at the same time.

GAT: Give us a brief synopsis of your debut novel, Dark Soul.

Mitali Priyadarshini: Dark Soul…a lament within the core is a dark fantasy romantic thriller set in Boston. The story unravels the deep mystery of Tom’s misfortune forecasted by his undead father and also adding Kristaine’s emotional weakness for Tom. Thereafter, the chase for darkness begins which reveals some of their worst fears and secrets.

According to my book blurb:

Ailing mother dies screaming that her unborn child is evil and now the only family Tom knows is granny and best friend Kristaine.

At a height of time when he’s experiencing his first love, he realizes that he’s possessed. He soon finds his girl missing and holds himself responsible.

Now can he get back his only love?

Is he going to survive with the nasty secrets forever or will he find a way out?

“What if I wake up one day to find you all dead…because of me?”, Tom asked with innocence.

GAT: Why did you choose Boston as the backdrop for your novel as opposed to India?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Well, being Indian, people expect that when you write, you need to have an Indian backdrop. But when I first conceived the story, I knew at that moment that the story can’t be set in India. Because the story has certain elements/events which are not part of or do not take place in India. So I wanted a foreign backdrop. Plus, I live in a coastal area, so I chose Boston.

GAT: What other genres would you like to explore in your writing journey?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Apart from writing fantasy, I yearn to write mystery and horror some day. I read a lot of thriller, murder mystery, detective books. And each book makes me wonder if I can write like that. So well, I’m on that mission. However, I want to gather enough knowledge and expertise before I explore the genre of mystery writings.

GAT: Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Initially, when I started writing, my parents didn’t believe what I was doing as I was neglecting my studies in my hurry to finish the book. But with the passing of time, my parents became quite enthusiastic about my writing projects. My younger sister is my support system. In fact, my father helped me a lot during the promotion of my first edition. My friends also encouraged me during the whole process. I’m indebted to them all.

GAT: Aside from writing, what are your other passions?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Aside from writing, I love to draw cartoons. I keep scribbling whenever I find time. Apart from that, I’m a foodie, so my love for food is natural. I am always engaged in some or the other sort of cooking experiments with my sister.

GAT: What are your future projects?

Mitali Priyadarshini: Currently, I’m writing the sequel to Dark Soul. I would like to complete this series and publish my cartoons like a comic strip one day.

Mitali can be reached via Twitter: @mitliPri and email: priyadarshini.mitali@gmail.com


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