October 13, 2019

Deck up this holiday season

Ever imagined what a perfectly silhouetted outfit in the most enchanting of style and color will look like without being paired with well-thought out jewellery? This fashion faux-pas can be equated to a face chiseled intricately by nature, resplendent with youthful beauty, but lacking its most arresting feature – the eyes. Indeed, the sparkle of expressive eyes cushioned in a stunning face is comparable to the glitz of hand-picked jewellery accentuating any dress draping a body.

Now the question arises: is jewellery mandatory in everyday life, or should it be reserved for special occasions? The simple answer is, “keep it simple in everyday life, but kick up your bedecked avatar a notch to take it to the next level when dressing for those much-awaited, formal special occasions”. What this means is that if you are at work, school or home, a non-fussy look would suffice. A silver chain with a subtle pendant, matching earrings and bracelet would make you feel ready to answer a question in class or work or answer the doorbell if at home.

Now picture this setting: Fine China is being laid out by waiters sporting black bow ties on white dress suits in the backdrop of the setting sun for a beach reception party. You would most definitely need to make a statement with wedding jewellery that doesn’t compete with the bride’s but is charming enough to get people gushing. Think of adorning a double-string freshwater pearl choker with matching drop earrings, rings and a bracelet. Extra peal accessories wouldn’t hurt like a pearl-embellished blouse or pearl combs or a bun cover for hair. Don’t forget a pearl embroidered satchel or clutch if you are fastidious about perfection to a tee.

If silver is your first love, then make sure you keep your commitment. Bring out your beloved sterling silver or pure silver chain with chandelier or stud earrings, ring and a bracelet. Some bridesmaids like tiaras or crowns to finish the runway look – each to herself is the motto here.

Last but not the least, it is advisable to stay away from a look that symbolises the era before the advent of jewellery. Adorning no jewellery is akin to smiling with your lips when you can smile with your eyes too. Let everything glitter like gold!


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