October 14, 2019

Departing Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey says Goodbye with Letter

Linda Jeffrey (Pic credit: Facebook fan page)

On Thursday November 8, Brampton’s departing mayor, Linda Jeffrey, thanked residents and staff for their support by issuing a public letter. Jeffrey will leave after just one term as the city’s mayor as she lost the October 22 municipal election to Patrick Brown.

Excerpts from her rather emotional letter: “As you can imagine it has been challenging to tie up all the loose ends while absorbing the outcome on election night,” wrote Jeffrey in the letter.

“Four years ago, you gave me the honour of serving as your mayor — I was humbled by the trust you placed in me to guide our City — it was a trust I worked hard to earn each and every day. The progress I achieved at City Hall was hard won — it wasn’t easy and there was a lot of resistance to change.

“Following the election, I was overwhelmed by the kind notes, phone calls and spontaneous hugs I’ve received from supporters, staff at City Hall, and strangers on the street thanking me for my service for the last four years,”

Jeffrey had ousted former mayor Susan Fennell in 2014. Four years on, in October 2018, she conceded defeat to Patrick Brown.

Expressing gratitude towards her campaign workers, volunteers, staffers and residents she wrote, “I cannot thank all of you who poured their heart and soul into our campaign and for that you will always have my deepest gratitude,” she said. “I know that as political leaders we stand on the shoulders of those we represent, and I am lucky to have you in my corner and on my side as we moved this great city forward.”

Jeffrey has yet to decide what the next chapter of her life would look like. All she knows is that she will continue to contribute to her beloved city Brampton’s success and prosperity, a resolve reiterated in the closing of her letter: “I have and always will fight to make Brampton a better city and in the coming months I will be reflecting about how I can continue to contribute — because I care deeply about the future of our City.”

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