October 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ (mas)!

Have you been good or naughty?

 (An article by Vinita Kinra, Editor, GAT)

Santa Clause

Santa Claus

The year is almost over and it’s report card time again! However, the consequences stemming from the answer to this two-choice question are not always easy. Neither for respondents nor for retailers. Good grades on your annual behavioural barometer ensure pleasant surprises stuffed in stockings on Christmas morning. The retailers who helped stuff up those stockings revel in the merry ring of their cash registers.

Everybody waits for Christmas for their own personal reasons. Kids dream of Santa traveling down their chimney and landing on their fireplace with a big thud of his gift sack. Parents welcome the festival as a chance to reward their children for stellar school performance or an overall sporting spirit. Grandparents may not always have a long, white beard or a crystal necklace, but they are the ‘Real Santa,’ living outside the North Pole, who have painstakingly spied on their grandkids’ secret letters to Father Christmas to figure out what the wish list consists of.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Even those not expecting to unwrap red-and-white gift paper and decorative ribbon flowers have a reason to smile. Non-Christians scheduled to work on the big day will do so with a spring in their feet in anticipation of the day’s wage multiplied by 2.5. Those who don’t celebrate Christmas and don’t have to report to work will take pleasure in getting paid to sleep in and watch TV. Churches which may have lain desolate for days and months will bubble with merriment and sway with carols.

Winter can play its wicked tricks, but its chill would die under the warmth of millions of bright lights strung around homes and trees. The coldest of hearts will shine under the golden glow of the fireplace. Birds and animals will seem confused during night time as the stars in the sky rise to compete with the twinkling lights on earth. Whatever your reason may be to smile this holiday season, make sure you put one on a face devoid of it by lending a helping hand , donating to charity or by simply smiling at a homeless. Remember, you want to be good, not naughty!

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