October 14, 2019

GAT interview with Savita Aggarwal

Hindi poetess bares her emotions in Bhavnaon Ke Bhanwar Se

Savita Aggarwal

Savita Aggarwal

GAT: Welcome to Global Asian Times Savita. Tell us something about yourself that not many people are aware of.

Savita Aggarwal: I am very attached to my family and time spent with my husband and children is very valuable to me.

GAT: What draws you to the magical world of writing and what does the art of weaving words do for you on a personal level?

Savita Aggarwal: I am a very sensitive person by nature and like to write whenever I come across compassionate situations. I feel very relieved and light after writing.

GAT: What sparked off the idea for your latest book Bhavnaon Ke Bhanwar Se?

Savita Aggarwal: I have published my poetry in the form of a book so that my thoughts and experiences can reach maximum people.

GAT: Share with us the moment when your heart said to you: “I want to be a writer!”Savita-Aggarwal-Book-Cover

Savita Aggarwal: The desire to be a writer developed in me right from my school days when I used to listen to many accomplished writers and read many good books.

GAT: How important is the commercial side of writing and promoting your book as opposed to the sheer joy of the creative art of expression?

Savita Aggarwal: I translate the inner feelings generated from the core of my heart in the form of my poetry and cherish the fact that readers understand and enjoy them in the same manner. Commercialization of these feelings and poems has never occurred to me and is not important to me at all.

GAT: If you were marooned on an island with just one book, which would it be and why?

Savita Aggarwal: Ram Charit Manas, more often known as Ramayan, written by Tulasi Das is closest to my heart since it deals with the essence of all life situations which anybody may face anywhere.

 GAT: Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

Savita Aggarwal: My husband, Commander Sanjeeva Aggarwal whole heartedly supports all my literary activities and encourages me to achieve higher levels of literary compositions.

GAT: Aside from writing, what are your other passions?

Savita Aggarwal: Meeting people, cooking and playing with children.

GAT: What is your life philosophy?

Savita Aggarwal: Take life happily as it comes and keep smiling.

GAT: How does your writing benefit the society?

Savita Aggarwal: It compels people of different strata to think about issues that are relevant and important to them.


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