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How We Review Asian Bride Sites

Thousands of Westerners fantasize about marrying or dating tender and lovely Asian women. Some prefer Japanese girls, others — brides from China, Myanmar or Thailand. But what unites them is the search — most of them successfully interact with Asian girls via online dating platforms.

We help you find the optimal dating site or an Asian mail-order bride site by exposing you to the reviews of selected platforms. If you have been wondering about how we do it, here’s the answer.

Our criteria

We care about our users, that’s why we invest a lot of time and effort into creating reliable dating sites ratings. We create our reviews based on the following criteria:

Consumer choice. This is a complex matrix that covers the time users spend on the site, the overall number of visits, and their quality. Our experts analyze data on rival sites, using SEMrush, SimilarWebm, and SERanking.

Reputation. This criterion allows us to know how valuable a certain site is among users. Is it trustworthy? Is it helpful? Our sociologists browse through,, and in search of users’ feedback and reviews. Then they analyze them and create lists of advantages and disadvantages for certain sites.

Functionality. For us, it is important that our clients know sites with the most functional infrastructure and attractive design. We meticulously analyze such features as ease of use, adaptability to other devices, availability of extra services, and so on.

Good looks. We analyze how well composed and completed are profiles on each website, how responsive users are, and evaluate the overall quality of user content on sites.

Support. All site features might be great but they are nothing if the site’s support team is weak, irresponsive, and ineffective. We make sure we assess this criterion as well before finalizing our rating lists.

In the end, our analysts assign each site value from 1 to 10. The better the site according to each criterion, the higher the number. Finally, sites receive up to 5 stars, where one star represents two points from the scale rating.

Our top be dating experts always hold their fingers on the pulse of mail-order bride industry. They have a huge database of the existing site, they track their updates and always keep an eye on new mail-order bride sites.

If a new site is launched, our dating specialists will explore them and analyze from «head to toes.»

Experts select sites for review depending on the following criteria:

  • Databank of Asian girls
  • Ease of use (for both advanced and beginner users)
  • Variety of communication tools
  • Asian brides response rate and overall activity
  • Security and scam prevention measures
  • Quality and speed of customer support
  • Pricing
  • Advanced services and others
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2. Register on mail-order bride sites

After finding several mail-order bride sites, our dating experts create the accounts and explore them undercover. They take their time to fill in the registration form, get their identities confirmed, and start navigating the site, noting all its peculiarities.

But most importantly, at this stage, we focus on the simplicity and safety level of the registration. Our experts check if:

  • The registration is fast
  • The site requires personal information
  • There is an identity verification (via email or photo)
  • The creation of a profile is «painless»

Many mail-order bride sites require users to complete questionnaires after being registered to help them find their brides. However, not all of them make these questionnaires are useful and effective. That’s where our experts come to evaluate them for you.

3. Evaluate the features

At the following stage, we concentrate on services that Asian mail-order bride services offer. We review such features as:

  • Search engines (availability of ordinary and extended search, types of filters and so on)
  • The range of communication instruments (we note whether sites provide only texting tools or voice and video calls too)
  • Advanced features (for a long-distance relationship it is important to cherish a bride with virtual gifts, flowers and presents, or arrange a romance tour.)
  • Responsiveness of customer support (it should address the client’s inquiry fast and efficiently)
  • Quality and attractive design and infrastructure (sites not only should be eye-catchy but also easy to navigate)
  • Translation services (this is the utter feature which defines site relevance — very few Asian brides speak English, and very few Westerners speak Asian languages, so the language barrier needs to be bridged between them)
  • Additional options (in the review, they will be distinguished by an expert)
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4. Analyze collected data and prepare reviews

It is essential that our dating experts not only collect all the data about mail-order bride sites but also analyze it to come up with the best dating platforms list. The experts compare each block of features that the sites possess and rate them accordingly.

The most rated sites (meaning those, which have gathered the most points from our experts), finally
appear in our mail-order bride sites list.

Also, on the basis of the collected data, our dating experts write reviews of Asian mail-order bride site. Many platforms like this hire third parties for preparing reviews, but in our case, the reviews are prepared by experienced, well-equipped specialists who personally investigate Asian bride sites.