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How To Meet And Charm Indian Brides For Marriage

In this day and age, marrying an Indian woman and bringing her to live with you in your home country is nothing new. The question is, where to meet best Indian girls for marriage?

Best Dating Sites To Find Indian Women

Last Updated: May 2023

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Here at, where we write about Asian women and mail order brides sites, we are convinced that Indian brides have everything you are looking for in a potential life partner. If you want to find an Indian woman for marriage, here is everything you should know.

How to meet Indian brides online

Finding an Indian mail order bride typically includes several steps: online communication, actual dating, proposal, and then marriage. To make sure all those relationship stages are successful, here are the tips you can use.

  • Make a good first impression. The first message you send to an Indian mail order bride online and your first meeting in person will have a crucial effect on your relationship. It may be worth taking some extra time to prepare for it than acting spontaneously.
  • Learn more about her background. Indian culture is fascinating and has had a huge impact on the personality of your Indian bride. Her views on dating, marriage, family, work, and other aspects of life are fully formed by her cultural background, and you need to immerse yourself in it.
  • Show nothing but respect. You may not be the richest or most highly educated man in the world, and your Indian bride will be completely fine with it. What she absolutely will not stand is the lack of respect for her, her family, and her native country.
  • Mind the language barrier. When dating or marrying an Indian woman, the language barrier sometimes becomes a problem. Since you probably won’t be able to learn Hindi in a few weeks or months, you can only hope your potential partner will make an effort to improve her English.
  • Prepare to meet her family. Meeting the parents is a very important step for Indian brides that proves their serious intentions. While you are waiting for your invitation to the family home, brush up on your knowledge of Indian traditions and etiquette to make the perfect first impression.
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What do Indian mail order brides look like?

Indian mail order brides

Indian girls are some of the most recognizable women in Asia. They don’t look like typical Asian women for marriage, but they have enough standout qualities on their own. Most Indian brides have long, slightly wavy, dark hair and an olive skin tone that looks radiant even without any makeup.

Perhaps, the most beautiful thing about an Indian girl is her eyes, which are usually dark and expressive. Indian women for marriage are not very tall or skinny, but their feminine and fit bodies look flawless for decades thanks to the healthy diet and physical activity of girls in India.

3 reasons for marrying an Indian woman

When you are choosing a partner for life, you are not just making a choice based on the woman’s appearance. Here is what else you will love about Indian mail order brides enough to want to marry one of them.

Indian brides are highly intelligent

One of the most surprising things about Indian women is that you can talk to them about anything. If the woman is working, then she will be happy to discuss her field with you. On top of that, Indian mail order brides are well-versed in politics, history, literature, and everything else you may want to talk about with a girl you like.

Nothing is more important to them than family

An Indian wife will never be frustrated by the choice between career and family life, as she will always know the right decision before she even has to make it. Work, friendships, and hobbies are something very valuable to an Indian woman, but if her family requires her full-time presence and attention, you can rest assured she will be there for you.

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Indian wives are smart with money

Budgeting is a special talent of Indian mail order brides. Once you two get married, you can safely hand over the matters of the family budget to your wife. She will make it easier for your family to save up for something important without making any sacrifices. Indian women are not the ones to constantly demand luxurious gifts or vacations, which means you won’t face any unreasonable financial demands.

Dating hot Indian brides: dos and don’ts

marrying an Indian woman

Dating an Indian mail order bride won’t require any special skills from you, but you will need to take a careful approach to the things you say and do since the dating culture in India can be very different from the situation in your own country. These are the biggest dos and don’ts in a relationship with an Indian woman.

DO demonstrate your value as a husband

Indian girls want to get married to a man who will ensure a comfortable life for them and the whole family. You need to have a steady job, good career prospects, and a place to live in. More importantly, you need to have solid ambitions that will lead you and your family to even greater things in the future.

DON’T expect her to be sexually liberated from the get-go

Despite being known as the country that gave the world the Kama Sutra, India is actually a very reserved country as a whole. Women there don’t have a lot of sexual experience by the time they get married, and even after they find their ideal man, they may not be as sexually open as you would have wanted. Luckily, with enough of your patience, that will soon change.

DO notice and respect her intelligence

Intelligence and education are two of the qualities that are highly valued in India. Your Indian bride or dating partner will likely have a respectable education and plenty of knowledge about the world. That is why you should always try and engage her in intellectual conversations and compliment her brilliance to raise her self-confidence.

DON’T say careless things about her culture

As a foreigner, you may find many things about India to be odd, worrying, or even reprehensible. However, it’s also a country that shaped the personality of your Indian bride.

Indian women love their country and are willing to accept its imperfections, and if you don’t want to disappoint your girlfriend, you should try and do the same.

DO showcase your traditional views on family

India is one of the most traditional countries in the world. Women there have very strict beliefs regarding family. They expect to be married just once; the marriage should ideally last forever and produce a couple of adorable children. The young married couple needs to respect the elders and help them whichever way they can. Those are the things you need to believe in if you want to charm an Indian lady.

DON’T expect her to be completely submissive

Indian mail order brides often get the reputation for being rather submissive, but that is only partially true. They do agree with the opinion that the man should act as the head of the family, but they also want to have a say in the matters of dating and family life. Be the one who makes the decisions, but don’t forget to consult with your bride first.

What do Indian mail order brides want to see in a man?

Indian mail order brides

Indian brides for marriage are highly motivated to marry foreigners and move out of India for good, but it doesn’t mean they will just accept any proposal no matter what kind of man you are. Women in India have some clear criteria for choosing a romantic partner, and here are the 3 must-have qualities for men who want to marry an Indian bride.

  • Generosity. Most Indian women don’t grow up with a lot of material wealth, but they want a better life for themselves and the children they will have with you in the future. That is why you need to be not only financially stable but also willing to provide for your family and not too stringent about money.
  • Reliability. When an Indian bride decides to get married, she expects the union to last forever. The only way to make it possible is to show her that you are not going anywhere and she can count on you in any situation. Marriage is going to consists of both highs and lows, and it’s important to stand by each other’s side no matter what.
  • Good parenting. To an Indian woman, a family is only complete when there is at least one child. And while your Indian wife will likely assume most of the responsibilities of raising a baby, she will want you to be warm and affectionate towards the little one and spend regular quality time with the kid.

Getting along with an Indian mail-order wife

Despite the obvious cultural and social differences, communicating with an Indian mail order bride is easier than you think. These women are very interested in making the relationship with a foreigner work, so they will be fully accepting of your advances and may even take some steps to get closer to you despite their reserved upbringing.

You won’t need to work too hard to build a relationship with an Indian woman and can simply enjoy the process.

Final thoughts

If you are determined to find an Indian bride or woman for dating, but are still not sure you can successfully do it online, there are at least two reasons to go for it. First, you will get access to the finest women for marriage India has to offer. Second, you will be able to build a strong relationship without going all the way to India until you are ready. Still, you need to remember that not all the girls on dating websites want to get married — some may want to just flirt with you. If you want to just improve your dating skills, you should go to international dating sites. But if you want to meet Indian brides for marriage, you should choose mail order bride platforms. Use our hand-picked selection of mail order brides sites to find the perfect partner for you.


How do I get a mail order bride from India?

Like with everything else in your life, you will need to make some effort to find your perfect Indian women. As well, dating sites are the most effective way to get your Indian mail order bride. You are lucky, as we have selected for you the most popular and reliable mail order bride services. Don’t hesitate to visit them and find an ideal match.

Why do Indian brides want to marry foreign men?

The greatest ambition of Indian women is to be with men who can give them love and warmth. Indian men can’t give these privileges to these ladies, thus they are looking for their destiny somewhere else. If you feel you are a reliable and successful man, use your chance to win the heart of an attractive Indian women.

What is the average age for marriage in India?

The average age for marriage in India for women is 22 years old. Traditions and tight family relations affect early age of marriages among Indian girls. Possibly you have heard about Indian wedding ceremonies with a lot of guests and charming traditions. Hence, don’t forget to add some Indian traditions to your wedding with Indian bride.

How much do Indian brides cost?

India is an exotic country, and it is a bit expensive to travel there from the USA or Europe. Instead of round-the-world trip, try to meet your perfect Indian bride at numerous mail order dating websites. Monthly subscription will vary from $200 to $300 – for this amount you will receive unlimited possibilities and premium functions to find your future bride.

What to expect from your Indian mail order bride?

Indian girls are oriented to form the family and be both perfect wife for husband and mother for children. Indian brides have a unique appearance that stun a lot of men – dark tanned skin, shiny hair, and tender face. Also, Indian women know a lot about cooking and know how to amuse their husband – they have excellent skills both in traditional and modern cuisine.