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Pretty & Caring Iraqi Mail Order Brides: Meet Iraqi Women For Marriage

Iraq is not a simple country when it comes to politics. Neither it is simple when it comes to culture and traditions. Yet, thousands of American men search for wives in Iraq. Why? That’s because Iraqi women indeed make some of the best spouses among Asian ladies for marriage. Please note that the scores and dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team’s opinion.

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Last Updated: Jun 2023

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They are stunning in all senses. Iraqi brides are extremely beautiful – some would argue that they, as Arab women, are the most beautiful on earth. They also have good personalities. Kind, caring, respectful, and stubborn, Iraqi women support their husbands in all terms, yet they know how to stand up for themselves.

In this Iraqi mail order brides review, we will tell you more about Iraqi girls and why they are becoming more popular among Americans.

How do Iraqi women look like?

  • Large dark eyes, dark hair
  • Tanned or fair skin
  • Middle height
  • Curvaceous bodies
  • Mesmerizing smiles

Arabic charm

Most Iraqi women are Arabs (around 70-80%). Also, there are many Kurdish, Turkmen Yezidi, Persian, and Roma women among Iraqi brides. That’s to say that most of them have beautiful tanned or pale skin, dark brown or black glowing eyes, raven hair, and mesmerizing smiles. However, you can also find brunette Iraqi women with blue or green eyes, and their beauty is undoubtedly extraterrestrial.

Modest fashion

Iraqi women dress up modestly. Growing up in a country where a predominant religion is Islam, they have been taught to be humble and cover their bodies. That’s why many Iraqi women wear at least scarfs or other clothes over their heads.

Yet, many progressive Iraqi women do not follow such trends. Many of them you can find on Iraqi mail order bride sites. Also, beautiful Iraqi women have good manners. You will never be ashamed of being in public with them.

Natural vs. modern beauty

Religious Iraqi girls don’t wear a lot of makeup. But Westernized Iraqi girls (actually, those who are open for dating and register on mail order bride sites), experiment more with their looks. They follow YouTube makeup tutorials and try new things. Of course, hot Iraqi girls are naturally stunning, but they don’t miss an opportunity to emphasize their thick eyebrows, wide, intense eyes, and full lips with the help of cosmetics.

Overall, beautiful Iraqi girls aren’t an exception. All Iraqi women, just like Arabic women in general, are very attractive. That’s why American men go crazy about them.

What are the features of Iraqi brides?

  • Kind and caring
  • Very respectful and humble
  • Romantic and affectionate, but in private
  • Stubborn
  • They have high standards, loyal and faithful

They make the best wives

Iraqi girls for marriage make the best spouses. An Iraqi wife treats her husband like a king – she over-fills him with love, caters to him, always listens to his opinion, and is always kind. Marrying an Iraqi bride isn’t the same as marrying any other woman.

Iraqi ladies have high morals, they don’t cheat and take the side of their husband no matter what. That’s because family and marriage reputation is very important in Iraq. Additionally, they have fantastic parenting skills and they also are good at chores and cooking (preparing delicious food is in their blood like in most Arab people!).

An Iraqi woman is always right

If you marry an Iraqi woman, remember – you will always be the one to apologize. Simply because these beautiful ladies are always right (some people just say that they are stubborn, but no, – Iraqi women are right).

Well, all kidding aside, Iraqi women are incredibly strong. They don’t take no for an answer, and if they want something, they will get it. That’s what attracts them in American men the most – strong personality. Many believe in a myth that all women in Southwestern Asia are submissive, but it’s not true. Iraqi women are humble and modest, but they also know their strengths.

They have high expectations

Dating culture in Iraq is very restricted. In fact, in the past, there was no dating at all. Most marriages were arranged. Now, fortunately, young people have the right to choose their future spouse. Yet, marriage in Iraq is such a crucial stage in life that both boys and girls are prepared for it from a young age.

Iraqi brides have been waiting for marriage period their whole life, so they do have high expectations of it. They want their dating experience to be the best of the best, and it should end up in a marriage. If you’re ready to marry a woman, let her be an Iraqi bride.

Why do Iraqi women want American men?

In different countries, women have different reasons for seeking husbands overseas. Why do Iraqi girls become Iraqi mail order brides?

  1. Beautiful Iraqi women want more freedom. Iraqi society is patriarchal and has many restrictions on women. Marrying an Iraqi man for an Iraqi woman means she will have to obey his words (the final word belongs to a husband). Also, Iraqi men are very protective when it comes to their wives, daughters, and sisters. Sometimes Iraqi women wish they had more freedom in their actions and choices. Marrying American men will allow them to be free of Iraqi societal norms. Also, American men tend to be more open-minded and respectful towards women, and that’s another main reason why Iraqi girls find them attractive.
  2. American men are more likely to secure their future. The political situation in Iraq is a huge issue nowadays. Unfortunately, because of it Iraqi men are capable of providing for the family and keeping their families safe. So, progressive Iraqi women give preference to those men who can. And very often they are Americans.
  3. American men are more affectionate and tender. Iraqi culture doesn’t support PDA (public display of affection). Moreover, even in private it might not be acceptable for Iraqi men to express their feelings through touching, kissing, and so on. American men are more open in this sense – and that’s what romantic Iraqi women have been craving for.
Beautiful Iraqi Girl
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How to attract an Iraqi girl?

If you want to meet Iraqi females, the best way to do it is via specialized Iraqi mail order bride sites or general Asian mail order bride sites. The latter is the most effective as they have a larger pool of single women from Asia for marriage.

Particularly on such a site, you should start attracting an Iraqi woman. Here’s how:

  1. Create a very detailed profile (indicate your physical parameters, describe yourself and your habits, your expectations from a relationship, etc.)
  2. Add high-quality photos (selfies will also work, but only if they are in high resolution – you want to attract the best Iraqi women, don’t you?)
  3. Don’t brag. Even though status is important in Iraq, showing off may be a bad idea as it will attract gold diggers rather than an honest Iraqi bride for marriage.
  4. Be yourself. Don’t lie in your profile, sooner or later all lies will pop up.
  5. Show your confidence. Iraqi women expect men to make the first step. Show them you’re a man that they’re looking for.
  6. Stay in touch. Don’t disappear – an Iraqi bride won’t take you seriously. Be genuinely curious about her life and personality.

What is the appropriate gift for an Iraqi girl?

Once you find the right Iraqi woman, treat her with gifts. The best gifts are flowers and sweets for a start. Never present alcohol (even if it’s a fancy rose wine bottle) to an Iraqi woman. Be careful with expensive gifts – it can be misinterpreted by an Iraqi girl (as if you want to «bribe» or «buy» her).

Better listen to her – what she likes and aspires for. Give her what she wants, and she will be happy with that.

How can I marry an Iraqi girl?

Iraqi wedding traditions are pretty strict, but you still have a chance of marrying a modern Iraqi girl. How do you do that?

  1. Keep your standards high. If you think that the Iraqi woman is already yours and you can relax, you’re deeply wrong. An Iraqi bride will treat you like a king, but she will always expect some reciprocity from you. Treat her like a queen, always, no matter what. Compliment her, help her, be ready to provide her with a strong man’s shoulder whenever she needs it.
  2. Make sure her father likes you. If he doesn’t, there’s no hope. At all. So apart of wooing an Iraqi bride, put time and effort into pleasing her dad. Iraqi girls are daddies’ daughters; their fathers are very protective and won’t let anyone marry their precious girls. Show her dad you’re a man of your word, capable of maintaining and providing for the family and are very serious about marriage.
  3. Finally, ask her. As simple as that! Does she want to be your wife? Are the odds (her dad and family) on your side? Then what are you waiting for? Start collecting documents for the US Fiance Visa!


Once you marry an Iraqi woman, your life will drastically change. She will shower you with love and care, she will open up to you more than anybody else. You will also marry her family – her father, mom, siblings, and cousins will become your family too!

Modest on the outside, Iraqi singles are fun from the inside! They love laughing, chit-chatting and dancing, they adore romantic moments and would love to share them with no one but their husbands. Marry an Iraqi bride, you will never get a better wife than her!