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Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Mail Order Brides

Due to the influence of the modern world, conservatism and ancient traditions no longer have a strong impact on society in Japan. Therefore, for Japanese girls who want to marry a foreigner or start a relationship with him, it will not be a problem or impossible to move to his country. In Japan, the trend to marry a foreign husband started in the 1970s, and still, thousands of men from different continents dream of find a Japanese wife. Also, one of the features of this country and such attractiveness for foreign men is the marriage rating of Japanese females and foreign guys.

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Last Updated: May 2023

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According to statistics on the marriage of Japanese women to foreigners, the first place is occupied by Koreans, and it’s more than 25%. The second place is by Americans — more than 16%; Chinese men — 12.5%. Oddly enough, the next are the Brazilians, Britons, and Filipinos. Despite all the myths and stereotypes about beautiful Japanese brides, they are actually regular girls who also register on such sites, for example, to create their own love story. Of course, every girl has her own intentions. Still, not all of them want a serious relationship. For those who are looking for a bride from Japan, mail order bride services will be the best choice. Still, most girls are on matchmaking sites, and they have a variety of intentions, from the most frivolous to serious. In this article, we will take a closer look at Japanese mail order brides and talk about their features, which will definitely help to make your date with them an unforgettable experience.

What makes  Japanese women for marriage brides so attractive?

marrying a Japanese wife

Marrying a Japanese wife can make your life full of happiness, love, and emotions. They are gorgeous, kind, and family-oriented. Once you register on the mail order bride services or online dating sites, you will notice how different Japanese brides can be and fall in love with such a huge variety of these amazing women. So what are they really like, and what exactly attracts men to these exotic beauties?

They are intelligent and well-educated

Education in Japan is now one of the most important social trends. In this country, it is challenging to meet a woman who has not graduated from university. According to statistics, there were approximately 1.28 million female students enrolled at universities in Japan in 2018, up from about 1.19 million in 2010. These figures indicate how attitudes toward education in Japan have changed over the past decade. More and more women in this country are occupying high positions, and self-development and their own career achievements are becoming one of the top priorities in the lives of ladies in Japan. However, this does not mean that they are ready to forget about the family, though. The huge advantage of the Japanese brides is that almost every woman in Japan knows English fluently.

Moreover, with such a girl, you definitely will not get bored: these beauties are intelligent and smart and will be able to discuss any topic during the conversation. Another feature is that beautiful Japanese brides are very talented and have different hobbies — from music to sports.

They impress with their beauty

When we think of Japanese women, we immediately imagine several images. The first is a lady in a business suit, or a cute coffee girl, or maybe a hot girl in a mini-dress with the perfect makeup. You can meet Japanese brides on the street, and they will be very different. But they are still united by a couple of things. The first is usually their amazing natural beauty, black shiny hair, and the miniature of their figures. Japan has a very developed industry with local idols, so many girls look after themselves, love to do makeup, and love fashionable clothes.

They lead a healthy lifestyle

One of the most attractive features of Japanese brides is their flawless figures. Unlike most other nations, these women find it very difficult to gain weight. But it’s not just genetics, as a healthy lifestyle is also one of the hottest trends in Japan. They take great care of their appearance, monitor their diet, and spend a lot of time in the gym to keep their body in perfect shape. Thanks to this way of life, even in old age, they look very young. They start taking care of themselves from a young age and throughout their lives. Besides, as they age slowly, it is often difficult to guess from their appearance how old they are. For example, Masako Mizutani, who is one of the most trending Instagram bloggers and models in Japan, is 50 years old, but she still looks 25 years old. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many men dream of marrying a Japanese woman.

They are good-mannered and interesting personalities

Japanese mail order brides

Many men believe in the stereotype that Japanese mail order wives are cold-hearted and completely hide their emotions, and it is better to forget about romance and words of love with such a woman. In fact, these girls are elegant, friendly, respectful, good-mannered, and caring. Just unlike other nations, Japanese women very rarely show and express their emotions in public. But this only applies to good manners. Japanese mail order brides are open to communication and meeting new people; they do not hesitate to express their true emotions. After meeting such a woman, you will definitely notice that they are very positive, and a smile never leaves their face.

They make loving wives and caring mothers

Despite the rapid development of Japan, for women in this country, family is a top priority. Every man who starts a relationship or marries a Japanese bride can be sure that she will be a loving and caring mother and wife. These ladies know how to find the perfect harmony between work and family. They are very hardworking and can create home comfort in a minute, no matter where they are.

Japanese brides are not very happy with Japanese men, as, in this country, it is not customary for a man to be involved in household chores or raising a child. So if you want to make your partner from Japan happy, just show a little support, care, and attention from time to time.

They are non-materialistic

Another important point is that you can be sure that a Japanese woman is not with you because of your financial capabilities or the ability to move to live in another country. Japan is now one of the leaders in the most developed countries in the world; in this country, they have many opportunities for study, work, and more. But the number of Japanese women studying abroad is increasing every year. According to statistics, the number of Japanese students studying abroad is more than 200,000. That’s why you can’t just buy Japanese wife. She won’t love you just because you have money. In order to win her heart, you will need to show care and respect, not the size of your wallet.

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What kind of wife can a Japanese web bride be?

If you are looking for a  future Japanese wife, then you can consider yourself a lucky guy. Girls from this country are very diligent, loyal, and hard-working when it comes to family life. Having a Japan girl for marriage is wonderful for many reasons. First off, they are very obedient. They respect male authority, so if you plan to be the head of the family, you will be able to do that. Girls from Japan love children, but many don’t want to have a lot of them. On average, a typical Japanese family has 1-2 children.

Japanese women

It is important to note that you can discuss with your potential wife what kind of relationships you want. If you want your lady to stay at home, she will be more than happy to become a housewife. However, if you prefer an equal marriage where both partners contribute in terms of money, then you can expect your woman to look for a job. The best thing to understand about having a Japanese mail order girlfriend is that she wants to have the best relationship possible. So do Japanese women make good wives? Undoubtedly!

Peculiarities of Japanese wives: What to note

One of the most striking and unique qualities of women from Asian countries is the fact that they are obsessed with American culture. One of the reasons these ladies use online dating is that they want to marry an American guy. They are fascinated with Western culture and society, so you will have plenty of topics to discuss because your Japanese woman for marriage will be eager to learn everything about your life.

Japanese women are also extremely cute. They are beautiful and hot, but they are the cutest Asian women of them all! Mail order Japanese brides like to emphasize their cuteness with certain clothes and types of behavior. However, not all Japanese wives look like schoolgirls, so you will be able to find plenty of ‘more mature’ girls with a more classic sense of fashion and style.

Another peculiarity of Japanese women is that they can approach men first. They may not wait for you to send them a message, but instead would rather write to you first. But don’t think that such assertiveness is common for all girls. It can take a lot of time for a young Japanese girl for sale to gather courage and send you a message. After that, she won’t be that courageous, though!

What kind of men does a Japan girl for marriage prefer?

If you are from the United States, you are already close to perfect to Japanese brides online. However, a Japanese looking for marriage won’t marry you just because you are American. You need to be respectful and responsible. If you are ready to provide for the family and know how to treat a woman with kindness and love, you have all the qualities needed. Girls from Japan don’t exactly care about the looks, but it will be a great advantage if you know how to take care of yourself and follow at least some stylish trends. A Japanese mail order bride would be eager to marry a man who is family-oriented and wants serious relationships.

Before meeting and communicating with Japanese mail order brides, it is vital to dispel the most annoying and, unfortunately, the most popular myths and stereotypes about them. This will help you to avoid further misunderstandings and mistakes when communicating with your partner.

  1. Japanese brides have a heart of stone, and you will never know what she really feels and thinks. Even if they seem unapproachable and modest at first, in fact, they are very sensual and affectionate personalities.
  2. This lady does not need romance, compliments, or gifts, so her partner does not have to do something romantic and sweet for her. Japanese beauties enjoy being complimented and love small, especially meaningful gifts.
  3. They eat sushi every day and just adore them. So, of course, the first date at a sushi restaurant will be a win-win situation. Dinner at a sushi bar won’t be something unusual for a Japanese girl; if you want to conquer her, learn more about her personal tastes.
  4. You must love and know everything about anime because everyone in this country is a fan of it. And of course, some Kawaii things related to anime will definitely win the heart of your future wife. Not all Japanese girls are fans and like anime, so before bringing her a gift, try to find out more about her interests.
  5. They are extraordinary, and your family life will be a complete disaster. Although there is a difference in mentality between the Japanese and the Americans, you will both need a little time to get used to each other to avoid certain misunderstandings.
  6. They eat very unusual food and do not know how to cook anything but fish and sushi. Fish is the most popular dish in Japan; however, Japanese ladies eat a wide variety of foods based on Chinese and Western cuisines.
  7. They hate foreigners, especially Western men, and will never leave their home country for the sake of their spouse. The truth is that these women are very adventurous and very curious about new experiences and impressions in their lives. So most of them like the idea of ​​meeting a foreigner.

How to find mail order Japanese brides?

Japanese wives

If you are wondering how to get a Japanese wife, online dating is the perfect way to do this. Many online platforms can help you have the best time of your life. There are a few steps that you need to do to actually find a beautiful Japanese wife:

  • Create an account. It usually takes just a few minutes of your time.
  • Fill out a profile. Upload a photo, write a few sentences about yourself, and be descriptive. The more you write, the higher your chances will be!
  • Search for a date. Whether you are looking for a bride manually or with searching filters or matchmaking, the important thing to remember is that you need to be active to be successful!
  • Approach a woman you like. Once you find a suitable Japanese mail order wife, just send her a message!
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How to approach and chat with a beautiful Japanese wife?

It is essential to be casual but confident. You don’t need to come off as a man who is extremely assertive and pushy. Take your time and let your Japanese mail order girlfriend get used to you. Choose neutral topics, such as your companion’s interests and hobbies. Talk about movies or music. Don’t go into too much detail about your partner’s family, at least not on the first date. The more relaxed you are, the better your communication with a Japan girl for marriage is going to be!

Tips and tricks to conquer a Japanese mail order wife

Are you interested in the answer to the question: “How to marry a Japanese girl?” Then we can say with confidence that there are not that many tricks or secrets behind communication with a Japanese mail order bride. You need to remember that being respectful is the most important thing when dating or chatting with an Asian woman. If you can show your date that you care about her emotions and feelings, she will be yours! Don’t try to do something that could disappoint or offend your lady. In general, your first date should be casual and neutral. Don’t try to learn everything about your bride right away. Take your time and let your woman open up. Japanese women for marriage can be rather shy, so they need to understand that they can trust you!

Best recommendations to win the heart of a Japanese wife

Japanese brides

Unfortunately, there is no single strategy to win the heart of any woman in Japan. They are very different, from character to their appearance. But if you pay attention to their national characteristics and distinctive character traits, there are some useful and effective tips to follow when dating a Japanese bride.

  • Learn some things about her country, culture, and traditions.
  • Be a gentleman and focus only on her.
  • Show her your best side, but don’t praise yourself too much.
  • Tell her about your plans for the future.
  • Give her some gentle compliments.
  • Kind jokes and funny stories will create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Forget about alcohol on a first meeting.
  • Bring her a small gift (such as sweets or flowers).

As you can see, there is nothing unusual or strange in these tips and Japanese women’s expectations, but there are some nuances to consider.

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To sum up

Once you register on a mail-order bride service, you will be amazed at how many stunning Japanese brides are looking for a foreign partner from Western countries. Definitely, Japanese ladies today confirm that relationships at a distance and international marriages are no longer something unusual or problematic. So don’t miss your chance and find your perfect Japanese wife today!


Is online dating legal in Japan?

Yes, It is extremely popular and common in Japan, and of course, it is legal to look for mail order brides from this country.

Do Japanise brides want to live in the United States?

They dream of dating and marrying a man from the United States. In fact, Japanese brides are the most obsessed with American culture, so you will have a very interesting and enjoyable time with ladies from this country.

Can cultural differences be a problem when dating Japanese mail order wives?

There is no doubt that cultural differences between American and Japanese cultures are significant. You need to learn something about Japanese culture and show your respect toward it when you communicate with your potential wife. If you do that, you won’t have any issues.

What to expect from online communication with a Japanese girl for marriage?

You can expect your partner to be rather passive on your first date, but then become very active and expressive. She will send you a lot of emotional messages, photos, and even videos. You can expect only positive emotions from communication with a Japanese girl for marriage!

How to approach mail order Japanese brides online?

Be casual and confident. Just say hello and wait for a reply. The main thing about Japanese girls is that they can be incredibly shy with foreigners when they first meet them. If you remain calm and slow, you can gain the trust of your lady quickly.