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Gorgeous Jordanian Brides: All About Dating A Jordanian Wives

Jordan is an amazing West Asian country. It is not only the home to the ancient city of Petra, but it’s a land of warm-hearted people. Arabs in Jordan have been accepting refugees from the neighboring territories for decades. Modest, hospitable and nice – that’s how one can describe Jordanian people. Please note that the scores and dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team’s opinion.

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Last Updated: May 2023

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However, one may need many more adjectives to describe the women of Jordan. Ladies in this country are fantastic – they look incredible, they make the best wives and mothers, have kind hearts and… are open to dating foreigners.

Even though it may sound surprising (because Jordan is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country), Jordanian women see outsiders more often than people in the other Muslim countries do. That’s because of the inflow of tourists and refugees, as well as the overall liberalization. It becomes more acceptable for girls in Jordan to choose their partner on their own and search for them using online services.

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Jordanian Mail Order Brides

All you need to know about Jordanian brides

Jordanian mail order brides are among the most popular single women on Asian bride sites. Why? Because American men, as well as men from other Western countries, find them exotic. But, that’s only part of their interest. Westerners find Jordanian women the most suitable for marriage. That’s because family values are strong in Jordan and the world of each person in this country (especially women) rotates around loved ones.

In this block, you will find out more about why Jordanian women are considered extremely beautiful, why the personalities of Jordanian girls attract men, and other interesting details.

How do Jordanian women look?

98% of Jordanian brides are Arab women. The others are of Caucasian minorities like Armenians, as well as migrants from Palestine and Syria. The «gene code» of Jordanian brides explains a lot. Below we will describe their appearance in detail.

  • Jordanian girls are special Arab women. Yes, they have the features of traditional Arab women. In particular, they have intense dark eyes, sometimes brown and rarely blue or green. Their hair has raven or hazel tinge and is usually straight, wavy or slightly curly. They have dark eyebrows, plump eyes, olive or tanned complexion, and mesmerizing snow-white smiles. However, there is more than that. Jordanian brides have a unique sparkle in their eyes that charms all men.
  • They are well-shaped. Jordanian women eat healthily (and that’s no wonder as Jordanian cuisine contains lots of vegetables, legumes, meat, and herbs). They rarely are overweight (unless they get older or gave birth to several children). Jordanian brides are slim and have curves. Typically short or middle-height. And, most importantly, they are always beautiful regardless of age.
  • Jordanian women use clothes to show their humble nature. As we have mentioned, Jordan is a Muslim country. Therefore, people try to cover their bodies as much as they can – nobody, neither women nor men, expose too much of their skin to the public. Also, women cover their hair with special shawls or wear hijabs.

What are Jordanian girls like?

If you are looking for Jordanian girls for marriage, you also need to know which personality traits they have. That’s important to know how to approach Jordanian mail order brides and date them. Here we are providing you with the basics that you should know.

  • Jordanian brides are obstinate. Just like all Arab women. If a Jordanian woman wants something, she will get it. It’s also impossible to argue with a Jordanian girl. First, because she is always right. Second, because she is cute and you will end up fast. But, seriously, if a Jordanian woman wants to get a foreign husband, she will get one.
  • They are humble. Despite being stubborn and capable of standing up for themselves, Jordanian women are modest and humble. They are kind, supportive, reliable, and don’t live their life trying to impress others (in most cases). This all stems from their culture – Jordanian people are pretty religious and humble in the face of Allah.
  • Jordanian women are loyal. If you get a Jordanian wife, you should never worry about her cheating on you. Because she never will. Faithfulness is in the blood of Jordanian ladies. A Jordanian woman won’t even look in the eyes of a stranger because in Jordanian culture it means more than sincerity – it’s a hint for something more.
Pretty Jordanian Girl

Jordanian women characteristics

Now, as you know how Jordanian mail order brides look like and what their personalities are, it’s time for you to learn how they behave and what to expect from them in family life.

  • Family is important to them. A Jordanian woman would be a housewife and a mother rather than a working nine-to-five spouse. Also, they will always stay in touch with their parents as they have strong ties with them.
  • They will choose marriage over a career/ Many Jordanian women are bright and smart, but even after pursuing tertiary education they usually prefer peaceful marriage to business or other career endeavors.
  • Jordanian women are respectful. They will never be rude to their parents or husband – that’s how they have been brought up. They avoid conflicts and listen to the opinion of people who are important to them.
  • They love bargaining. That’s what the Jordanian culture is about. If you invite a Jordanian girl somewhere, she may reject you several times before saying yes. Otherwise, it’s considered rude among Jordanians. And yes, if she’s inviting you as a guest to her house, it’s also normal to say no a few times before accepting the invitation.
  • She will not shake hands with other men. Keep it in mind – it’s not accepted in the Arab culture. A Jordanian bride will put her hand on the chest where the heart is if she wants to greet someone without a handshake. So don’t worry that your Jordanian bride may flirt with other guys – she won’t as it’s not how her society taught her to behave.
  • Jordanian women aren’t used to the public display of affection. Recently it has become more common for couples to hold hands (before it was outrageous if a couple did so in public), but kissing in front of other people in Jordan is still not okay even for married couples. So don’t get surprised if your Jordanian wife refuses to show affection outside the bedroom.

How to date a Jordanian girl for marriage

You can’t just go to Jordan and start approaching women. It’s out of the norm in that country. You will never know which woman is from a strict traditional Muslim family and which one is not. To be sure that you meet Jordanian women for marriage open to foreigners, register on Asian mail order bride sites. There are profiles only of Jordanian women who come from more liberal families. So once you get there, here’s what you should do:

  1. Create an attractive profile with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.
  2. Find several Jordanian females that you think are attractive.
  3. Narrow down your choice to one girl.
  4. Give her special attention, compliment her.
  5. Jordanian girls love gifts – send her some!
  6. Show her you have serious marriage intentions.
  7. Don’t be greedy when you go out – she will «scan» you to see if you’re capable of maintaining the future family.
  8. Be patient, don’t be pushy. Jordanian women don’t fall for men easily.

Below we will give you extra secrets on how to stand out among other wooers of a Jordanian mail order bride.

📌 Some tips on how to date an Asian woman
Jordanian wife

How to impress a Jordanian wife

  1. Shower her with gifts – from chocolate to perfume. But, be careful: too expensive gifts may be seen as «too much» for courting.
  2. Compliment her a lot. And don’t focus on her appearance too much. Emphasize her smartness, wisdom, kindness, and so on. A Jordanian bride needs to understand you are serious about her.
  3. Pay all the bills by yourself. Either it’s a restaurant or taxi, it doesn’t matter – no splitting. Otherwise, no dating.
  4. Give her your constant attention. Texting, random calls to tell her that you miss her, regular dates (if you aren’t long-distance and if possible) will melt her heart.
  5. Dispose of your masculinity. Jordanian singles grow up in a very patriarchal society. These girls expect men to be problem-solvers and decision-makers. Show her you are the one. Thus, she will see you as her potential husband.
  6. Focus more on impressing her dad. Jordanian girls are princesses of their fathers. If they say no, it is no. So if you want to get closer to marrying Jordanian woman, long before proposing start getting closer to her father.


Hot Jordanian girls are a dream of many men. But, these ladies aren’t only attractive outwardly; they also have profound personalities and therefore make great wives. If you want to have a Jordanian wife, you should start looking for your Jordanian mail order bride. Start it here and now!