June 24, 2019

Love not worth dying for proves medical student with debut novel

Aditya Nighot

Aditya Nighot

Aditya Nighot is a medical student pursuing his M.B.B.S in one of the leading colleges of Pune, Maharashtra. Given his interest in literature, he started writing at an early age and by 18, he published his debut novel, U n Me…It’s Complicated!!! He is very fond of music and loves to write romantic poems. With the aim of bringing a change in the society given the social messages in his book and the encouragement he is receiving from his readers, he has started working on his second novel.

GAT: Welcome to Global Asian Times, Aditya. What triggered the idea for your debut novel?

Aditya Nighot: I like to emphasize the message I want to convey to society. Suicide being one of the leading causes of death made me write about it. Personally, I wouldn’t like to read an essay or hear a speech about this issue, so I chose to convey this message in the form of a story that would entertain the youth and make them feel that the story is connected to them.

GAT: Which is the one character from your book that you enjoyed creating the most and why?

Aditya Nighot: The character of ‘Aditya’ in the book was the one I enjoyed creating most for he demands a gradual change in his behaviour and attitude towards a relationship. One can see different shades and emotions of the character and can relate very easily to it.

GAT: How much of your book is autobiographical where characters reflect your personal experiences?

Aditya Nighot: Although the book is inspired by real life incidents, all the characters are fictional. By real life incidents, I mean that some of the scenes have been picked up from stories I found in leading newspapers which a few youth might have experienced in their lives.

GAT: Share with us the moment when your heart said to you: “I want to be a writer!”

Aditya Nighot: I was always fond of writing short stories, right from the age of 10 or 11, but didn’t really find it necessary to convert my hobby into a book. The day I found a good message to convey to the masses, I thought of coming up with a novel.

GAT: If you could summon the genie, which author from the past or present would you like to become and why?

Aditya Nighot: It might sound a little unpleasant or rude, but I would prefer to be the first Aditya Nighot rather than imitating anyone. I would like to leave my own mark in the society.

GAT: How does the practicality of education in medicine blend with the imagination of fiction writing?

Aditya Nighot: Due to my training in medicine, I don’t like to hype things and I prefer to keep my writing simple. So, whatever I come across in my college—different incidents and different shades of people—I pen them down. Probably, that helps my readers relate with whatever I write.

GAT: Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

Aditya Nighot: When you start writing at the age of 18, people around you tend to underestimate you. Thankfully, my family and a few of my friends believed in me, and the rest is known to all.

GAT: Aside from writing, what are your other passions?

Aditya Nighot: Although writing is the first one, medicine follows it.

GAT: What are your future projects?

Aditya Nighot:  Presently, I am working on my second novel which is also inspired by real life incidents and will include a message of a leading social cause. Speaking of its genre, it will be a romantic thriller.

Aditya Nighot can be reached via Twitter: @AdityaNighot and Facebook: FB Page

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