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Nepali Mail Order Brides: Find Your Nepali Girl For Marriage

What do you know about Nepal? Perhaps, you have seen the images of the picturesque Himalayas, heard something about Nepal’s capital Kathmandu and so on. But did you know that in Nepal there live some of the most beautiful women on earth? If not, this Asian mail order brides review is what you need right now. Please note that the scores and dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team’s opinion.

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All you wanted to know about Nepali brides

Nepali mail order brides

Not only are Nepali women stunning outwardly, but they also have incredible personalities. Thousands of men all over the globe dream of marrying Nepali girls. These women make perfect wives as they have grown up in a conventional society. In this block, we will tell you more about the physical and moral traits that Nepali girls possess.

The Appearance of Nepali girls for marriage

  • Nepali mail order brides are very different from each other.
  • They indeed are very beautiful.
  • Nepalese girls have fairer skin compared to other South Asian girls.
  • Many of them are the short or middle height.
  • They have mesmerizing eyes.
  • Nepalese women don’t abuse makeup.
  • They aren’t provocative in dressing.

Now let’s break all these traits down and have them described below:

  1. Diversity. Nepal is an extremely multiethnic country. Nepalese brides all look different because they may have a different origin. Some are of Indian descent, others come from North Burma, or Tibet, or even China.
  2. Mail order brides Nepali have the best South Asian features. They have jet-black straight hair, fair or a bit tanned skin, beautiful dark and intense eyes, very often exotically narrow. Nepali girls have a good physique, they are slim or curvaceous and are very good at dancing.
  3. Fashion. Nepalese girls for marriage are modest in dressing up. Like most South Asians, they adore their traditional wears, but in everyday life prefer casual clothing. When it comes to makeup, they prefer using mascara or eyeliner, as well as lipsticks, but they never apply tons of cosmetics on their faces. Even hot Nepalese girls don’t require so much makeup. They are naturally beautiful! So the Nepali woman you marry will be the same Nepali woman you have dated.

It is worth mentioning that Nepalese beauties also have great personality traits about which we will talk below.

Personality traits of Nepalese women

  • Quiet and modest
  • Trustworthy
  • Very romantic and affectionate
  • Family-oriented

If you’re looking for a quiet, timid person to spend life with, you should consider dating Nepalese mail order brides. These girls make the best wives. A Nepalese wife is the one who will take care of you, who will create the comfort in your house, who you will be able to talk to when you need support, who will cook the most delicious desi (South Asian) meals.

Here are more details about what Nepali women are like:

  1. They are traditional. Nepalese society is conservative, even though some shifts have taken place recently. That’s why Nepali women follow the strict division of male and female roles. Many Nepali brides see themselves as future mothers. They believe men are breadwinners, so when searching for husbands Nepali girls pay attention to the «masculine» traits of potential grooms.
  2. Nepali brides are humble and tranquil. Once again, they are the reflection of the Nepali society. Females in this country tend to be like this. Of course, there are exceptions, but the overall picture is clear. If you aren’t into extraverted girls, you should go for Nepali beauties.
  3. You can rely on them. Nepali women are very responsible. They are also supportive and sincere. If you marry a Nepali woman, there will be nothing better than talking to her. She will be your best listener and your best friend too.
  4. They are hopeless romantics. Nepalese girls have grown up on Bollywood movies, what would you expect from them? And yes, Nepali girls may not be eager to express their feelings in public (like most desi people), but in private they are very affectionate.
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What kind of wives are Nepali women?

If you want to marry a Nepalese bride, you should clearly understand what type of wife your partner will be. Due to the differences in mentality, you can experience some surprises during your family life. That is why it is necessary to take a deep grasp into the way your Nepalese partner will build your relationships after marriage.

Nepali brides

Nepalese women are hardworking and excellent housewives

They do not like to spend time in idleness, and therefore they are always busy with something. They work hard their whole life. By the age of thirty, appearance of most of them loses their age characteristics, and it becomes difficult to understand how old a woman is thirty-five or fifty. Due to their hardworking nature, your Nepalese woman for sell will impress you with tasty dishes, a tidy house, and perfect laundry. Feeding, walking family pets, cleaning bird cages and litter boxes—you shouldn’t worry about these household duties since your wife will do everything for you.

Nepalese mail order brides are wise mothers

A classic picture from the life of a Nepal woman is a woman carrying her small child on her back. Nepali carry children on themselves, tying them to their bodies with a wide sheet of strong fabric. It seems that the baby feels comfortable in this position, constantly feeling the warmth and smell of the mother. Children of Nepalese mothers here generally cry much less often, and, hugging their mother’s back, they do not cry at all: they sleep quietly while their mother goes about their business or stare at what is happening around them. Nepalese women teach their children to be respectful and polite.

Nepalese mail order brides are passionate

At first glance, a Nepali girl for sale may seem shy and conservative. However, once she loves a man with her heart, she becomes more open and anticipated. If your Nepalese spousal trusts you, she will impress you with her passion and devotion. Especially, it refers to intimate life. You may not believe it, but these ladies are ready for advantageous romance journeys to please their partners.

What kind of guys do Nepali girls like?

If you want to impress a Nepali girl, you should act like another Ranveer Singh, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan in their best films. And you better not fake it! Why is it so? We have already mentioned that Nepali girls come from conventional society, and they have grown up watching Bollywood movies, so they indeed have strong images in their minds of how «true men» should behave.

Nepalese women for marriage seek breadwinners, men who would be able to provide for the family. Therefore, don’t think a Nepali bride is greedy when she asks you about your financial status or income – she just wants to figure out if you are «husband material». In fact, she may not even ask you directly, but she will scrutinize all your words and actions.

Nepalese wife

Also, a Nepali girl will expect you to make grand gestures, compliment her generously, and so on. Gifts are very important for them too.

So, overall, Nepalese girls look for men who can be described as following:

  • Generous
  • Capable of providing for the family
  • Interested in long-run relationships
  • Romantic
  • Respectful
  • Protective and caring

How to please Nepali women?

A dream guy of Nepali girls does these things (you should do them too if you want to get a Nepalese mail order bride):

  • He always tells her how stunningly beautiful she is
  • He is not stingy – he pays for her in restaurants, sends her gifts (she’s looking for a breadwinner, remember?)
  • He is romantic – he sends her favorite flowers, can call or text her out of the blue just because he misses her
  • He is looking forward to creating a family
  • He loves children

If you see at least 50% of these traits in you, you should definitely try to date a Nepali mail order bride! How do you find one? We will gladly share this information with you below.

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Why is it difficult for Nepali girls to find a decent local man?

Some Nepali women find it tricky to meet a decent man for marriage among locals. There are multiple reasons for that. Some of them include:

  • Nepali men put their careers first. Due to the economic situation in the country, it isn’t easy to find a job for local people. Since men are the main providers for the family, they need to work hard and take a lot of time to earn decent money. That is why it is difficult for local guys to pay enough attention to the family. Moreover, many Nepalese marrying foreigners say that Western men can perfectly balance career and family life.
  • Men from Nepal aren’t sensitive. Local guys were taught that it wasn’t acceptable to be sensitive and show emotions to their partners. They suppress any emotion other than anger. Also, local men usually keep their feelings and affection under wraps. Nepalese women consider Western men to be more loving and open-hearted compared to their local contenders.
  • Nepali husbands follow patriarchal ideology in relationships. Local women have been calm, yielding, receptive, obedient, passive, and tranquil for many years. Local men tend to be assertive, hard, active, and dominating. Women from Nepal have more feminist life views these days. Each Nepalese girlfriend for marriage wants to build relationship equality. These ladies believe that no matter how relationships are organized, both partners should respect each other as equal human beings.

How to find a Nepalese woman for sell?

Actually, you can use two methods of meeting a perfect girlfriend from Nepal. It is possible to travel to this country and visit local attractions in the hope of finding your soulmate. However, this experience may be too costly and ineffective. You never know where you meet your ideal Nepalese girlfriend for marriage. That is why you should consider an online option to find your sweetheart. There are numerous dedicated websites that offer matchmaking services. Their main goal is to connect two like-minded people and help them build a family. You can make the most of the multiple features to ensure smooth communication and effective search. Although the majority of platforms offer paid memberships, the cost of a Nepali girl for sale will be completely justified as soon as you build strong relationships.

Beautiful Nepali mail order wife

Here’s how to search for Nepali women on Asian mail order bride sites:

  1. Create an attractive profile – if it’s mediocre or not detailed, it will be very difficult to attract Nepali brides. Fill out all questionnaires, write what you expect from the relationship, what kind of a woman you’re looking for and add lots of high-quality photos of yourself.
  2. Use the site’s search tool to filter out Nepalese mail order brides.
  3. Text several singles to test waters. Don’t expect them to start hitting on you. In Nepal, women expect men to make the first step.
  4. Talk to them via different channels – try long emails, short texts for the beginning. With the Nepali girl, you like the most, for sure make a phone and then a video call through the mail order bride site. It will help you to see if the girl is real, if you like her voice, gestures and so on. It’s a great leap towards your first real-time date.
  5. Keep trying. You may never know when and how you meet your one and only. You can spend half a year texting dozens of beautiful Nepalese women, or you can find your future Nepali wife in just two weeks. You never know. The idea is that you should never give up.

How will your life change with Nepali girl for sale?

International marriage leads to substantial challenges in the lives of both partners. Here are just some things that change after tying knots with a beautiful Nepalese woman for sell.

  • You will become more open to new experiences. Once you allow someone to fully get to know every part of you, the more likely you will be less afraid to try new things.
  • You will be more conscientious. Most likely, your wife will encourage you to be more conscientious and consider all her needs. Now you should share all your preferences and desires with your partner.
  • You will need to express your emotions. Wives from Nepal would like their men to be more sensitive. Moreover, your spouse will expect you to demonstrate your affection as often as possible.


Marrying a Nepali woman is one of the best choices you can make in life. These ladies are very caring, loving, and make fantastic wives and moms. A Nepali spouse will always be there for you, she will do everything for the sake of her beloved family, she will make you happier than you are. If you’re interested in Nepalese girls for marriage, it’s time for you to find one!


What is so great about Nepalese brides online?

Women for marriage from Nepal are beautiful, hard-working, and exotic. If you are looking for a serious and long-term relationship, you can expect a lot of women from this country to offer you exactly what you need!

Does an average Nepali girl for marriage know English well enough?

An average Nepali girl for marriage would be able to communicate and interact with you. Undoubtedly, her English won’t be perfect, but you won’t have too many problems understanding her.

Is it difficult to date Nepali girls for marriage in USA?

No, these women are rather easy-going, broad-minded, and friendly. Nepali wives are not that shy and humble like other Asian women for marriage, so you won’t have to wait for a few dates before your potential bride starts trusting you!

Are Nepalese brides family-oriented?

Of course! Every single mail order bride from Nepal that you will meet is going to desire to start a family with a foreigner online. These girls know what to expect from a relationship and want to become a wife and mothers as soon as possible.

What to expect from a relationship with a bride from Nepal?

You can expect to be surrounded with love, care, and happiness. These women are supportive and kind. They know how to make their husband happy!