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Philippines Mail Order Brides — The Best Pinoy Wives Of Modernity

Today, the Philippines is not only a popular tourist destination with sandy beaches and heavenly nature, but also a land of beauties that fascinate many men from all over the world. More and more Filipina mail order brides are registering on various sites, from mail order brides services to online dating services. But not all girls who are registered on such sites want a serious relationship or marriage; most Philippines brides are registered on online dating sites. They have very different intentions, from the most frivolous to the most serious. If you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage, then mail-order bride service will be an ideal option to create your own relationship with a foreign bride.

Best Dating Sites To Find Filipino Women in 2023

Last Updated: May 2023

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But all these girls, regardless of their intentions, are united by similar social backgrounds, similar values which can be shaped, but not changed entirely if a woman lives abroad. Though, we are going to focus on both — Filipino mail order wives and Filipino girls who join and register on online dating sites with different intentions. You can find many articles about different Asian girls for marriage on and view the ratings of different sites to find your perfect match online. So let’s find out what mail order Filipino brides really look like. Why are they looking for a relationship online? And why do they want to move to another country?

The best things about a Philippines wife: What is their uniqueness?

Many Asian women want to find a suitable partner online. A lot of qualities and traits are rather similar among women from different countries. However, Pinay girls for marriage are so different and unique because they don’t have that innate shyness and obedience like most Asian women do. Indeed, ladies from this country are more submissive than European or Latin brides, but they are not as submissive as Chinese, Vietnamese, or Japanese wives for online communication.

Philippine brides for marriage are broad-minded and communicative. They are strong and passionate, and know what they want and how to achieve that. The best thing about building a family with a Filipino woman for marriage is that she will tell you exactly what she wants. And it is up to you to help her achieve that. Undoubtedly, there are even more facts about girls from the Philippines that make relationships with them so wonderful. And we will discuss them in the next section!

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Are Filipino women loyal and faithful?

One of the core concepts of relationships in the Philippines is honesty and loyalty. Girls from this country use online dating to find true love and happiness. They don’t want to find a man and then cheat on him. We can assure you that the majority of ladies who come from the Philippines know the importance of being loyal and faithful.

Why do men choose Philippine brides for sale?

Philippines wife

It is not difficult to chat with girls from this country. Asian women, even though they are rather shy and obedient, can be rather difficult to communicate due to such quiet character. On the other hand, Filipino brides are not afraid of expressing their emotions and feelings. Communicating with these girls is easier. You don’t need to wait for weeks before your interlocutor starts trusting you and opens up. Filipino girls are very active and friendly, so you can be sure that a few dates would be enough for you to build strong and happy relationships.

Why do Filipino brides dream of living abroad?

Many men believe in the ancient myth that women who seek online relationships only want money from you and are not interested in real relationships. They will get to know you and leave you as soon as they receive your money. Of course, this is not true. Due to living conditions and certain social factors, Pinoy brides, in particular, have many reasons to register on online dating sites and find their love online. Let’s find out in more detail what influences Filipino women’s desire to leave their homeland and find love abroad so much.

Divorces are not legal

Filipino brides

There are many things in this country that can be very strange and unusual for us. Despite the rapid development of society and the world, divorces are officially banned in the Philippines, and there is simply no law that allows a couple to divorce. But despite the lack of law, which would regulate this issue, according to the statistics, the number of married couples who have already separated and are waiting for the legal regulation of divorces, so that they can legally marry again in the Philippines is growing every year, and this rate increased from 43% to 60%. That is, even governmental restrictions cannot affect the fact that so many couples in the Philippines get separated or divorced. This is one of the main reasons why so many young Filipino brides dream of a foreign husband and a life abroad.

Having a mistress is not a big thing

Did you know that one of the features of this country is that it is normal for a man to have mistresses, of course, provided he can provide for a few families? Therefore, Philippines mail order wives are in a no-win situation. At the same time, a man who has several families is perceived by the community with approval; a woman for such behavior is socially discouraged. Because of this, many women in the Philippines are dissatisfied with this family model and seek their own happiness in other countries around the world.

Fear of ending up alone

Even though in this country a man can marry several at once and live with a couple of families, according to the statistics, the average age of women for marriage in the Philippines is 27 years. Of course, for most countries, this age is not so high, but the Philippines is quite a conservative country and a woman who has reached such an age and still not married will be negatively perceived in their society, for example, she is likely to be stigmatized as a spinster or an old maid.

Under such pressure and influence of society, for Filipino brides, online mail order brides services have become their chance to avoid negativity from society. Thus, Filipino girls have a complex yet easy-to-understand motivation to leave their home country and create their own love story abroad.

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Why are Filipino mail order brides so desired all over the world?

As already mentioned above, many factors such as social, family, local, and personal — affect why Filipino wives choose to marry foreign guys. But why are Filipino women so attractive, and why do so many men from around the world dream of them? They are beautiful, graceful, and feminine, but it is not only their appearance that makes them so attractive; their characters, behaviors, and traits also fascinate thousands of foreign men. Let’s find out in more detail what makes these women so special and desired.

They are stunning beauties

Natural beauty and femininity are all about Filipina wife; they don’t need to apply tons of makeup and make perfect styling to look like supermodels. Unlike other women from Asian countries, they are not so obsessed with mass trends, because it is their natural beauty that allows local girls to be stunning and appealing 24/7.

Balancing between home and work is not a big thing

relationship with a Filipino bride

From early childhood, women in the Philippines know how to find harmony between home and work. Filipina bride is very hardworking, moreover, thanks to this feature, you will avoid domestic conflicts and misunderstandings. Loving husband, of course, usually try to do everything to make their wive live much easier, and this is very appreciated by Filipino woman. According to statistics, significantly more females were getting advanced degrees than males, and it was 1,656,803 females in 2017-2018. Also, according to the latest labor force statistics, 38.9% of females were working actively in the Philippines in 2023.

Perfect listeners and faithful wives

Asian’s faithfulness and sincerity are known around the world, and this is another reason why so many men choose Filipino women for relationships or marriage. It was formed under the influence of conservative society — in this country, more than 86% of the population is Roman Catholic. Due to this fact, most girls grew up in conservative families, and the family is the most important value for them. The man is the main provider and head of the family. He is the one who helps in difficult situations, makes hard choices, and so on. A Filipino wife, of course, has her own responsibilities and is no less important, actually.

Men who have dated or started a relationship with a Filipino bride online know that they can make a man feel like the only defender, and supporter. Filipino women make respectful and faithful wives which will always support you and stay near you no matter what.

These ladies are also great listeners and interlocutors. Be sure that with such a woman, there will always be something to talk about and to do in your free time. So if you look for a perfect listener and a perfect talker, this country might be the best place in the whole world to meet the woman of your dreams.

Being too serious is boring

If you think that family life is a series of boring days, rest assured that this is definitely not about Filipino girls. Many men who are in a relationship or married to these girls say that she is very positive and cheerful, and every day with her will be filled with new emotions, joy, and love. Filipino mail order brides do not just love fun and joy — they are professionals in how to create a holiday and have fun to the fullest because their country is a paradise for tourists, where there are various holidays and festivals all year round. So, if you are afraid that you will get a grumpy, boring Asian wife, forget about this — girls from the Philippines are incredibly cheery!

A perfect man for a Pinay mail order bride

It is a well-known fact that Filipino girls are not picky or demanding, but they won’t date any guy just for the sake of dating. A perfect man for a Pinay bride should be confident, responsible, and goal-oriented. A man who knows what he wants and how to achieve that is ideal for thousands of Filipina women. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, your woman is going to be there for you to assist and provide her wisdom and support.

A perfect man for Filipino brides is a man who knows how to treat a woman with respect, kindness, and love. You need to treat your bride like a princess because this is what most girls dream about. If you can show that you are a man that can protect her and provide everything needed for a family, you can be sure that you will find hundreds of suitable brides who would be eager to marry you!

How to find and buy a bride from Philippines online?

Philippine brides for sale

It is not difficult to find and buy a bride from the Philippines. Dozens of dating platforms can offer you high-quality services and exceptional diversity of tools and features. First, you need to have an account. Most mail order bride sites have a very primitive and quick registration process, so it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you need to know that some platforms may have a verification process, which means that you need to wait for your account to get verified. Once you have your account, you will get access to profiles of Filipino girls. From there on, you have 2 or 3 options:

  • Manual search. You can look for girls by just browsing profiles available on the site. You can open any profile, check out information there, and even view photos. If you like a girl, you can send her a message if you have enough credits or a premium membership.
  • Searching filters. It is a very effective feature that can help you narrow down the search. A filter is a certain quality or criteria that allows you to define what kind of ladies you want to look for. For instance, you can specify that your date be no older than 25, have above average height, know English well-enough, and not smoke. And you can do all of that with the help of searching filters! Of course, too many filters can limit your options, but if you only want to date girls based on a certain description, you can find her!
  • Matchmaking. Some sites have a matchmaking system that finds suitable girls for you. Such a system can collect information from your profile or analyze your searching preferences. It is also a very viable and working option.

Once you find a suitable interlocutor, all you need to do is just send her a message and be charming and open-minded!

What is the average Filipina brides cost and what does it include?

When looking for a Filipino mail order bride online, you’ll see that there are different factors affecting the final price of buying a pride. Yet, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on the dating sites’ services because they’re affordable and effective. There are various sites to choose from, so it won’t be difficult to find a legit platform with reasonable prices. Now, let’s see what’s included in the Filipina bride price:

  • Using the site. If you want to use the dating site to its fullest, you’ll have to purchase credits because they allow using the communication tools. The average price of a credit package is $70. And since men use dating platforms for about 6 months before taking their relationships to another stage, it makes $420 in total. 
  • Communication tools. There are different communication options at various prices. For example, you can pay 1 credit for a 5-minute call with a girl or 5 credits for one message. It mainly depends on the site you’re using. 
  • Sending gifts. You can send real or virtual gifts to the Filipino bride. It can be anything, from a bouquet for $20 to a perfume for $100. Remember that the main thing is your attention. 
  • Airline tickets. The average price for a ticket to the Philippines varies between $6,000 and $10,000. 
  • Accommodation. It’s affordable to stay in the Philippines, and since the average time men spend in the country is 14 days, the average price will be $560. 
  • Food. You and the Filipino mail order bride will have dates during your stay, which means you’ll pay the bill when eating out. This will add about $520 to the final sum. 
  • Transportation. You’ll spend about $200 on transportation in the Philippines. 
  • Entertainment. Attending various activities together is a great idea to make your dates more memorable. This will add approximately $300 to the Filipino mail bride cost. 
  • Visa. The average cost of a K-1 visa for a Filipino bride is $1,000. 
  • Wedding. This is the most unpredictable point because it fully depends on the couple’s preferences. Yet, you can expect it to be about $15,000.

Thus, the average Filipino brides cost is $28,000. 

Tips to date a girl from the Philippines

date a girl from the Philippines

Filipino mail order brides are amiable and love to meet new people in their lives. However, there are some simple things that a man has to take into account when dating or starting a relationship with a Filipino bride.

  • Good manners never fail to impress a woman. First of all, like all women, Filipino brides find well-mannered and intelligent men very attractive. Of course, the world is changing, but you should not forget that the Philippines remain a quite conservative country when it comes to gender roles. So, there are some good old rules to follow — get the door, give flowers, pay for your dinner, and so on.
  • Respect her traditions, customs, and country. You will definitely win the heart of your Filipina wife if you learn more about the traditions and culture of this country. Do not doubt; she will definitely like it if you express your interest and ask questions.
  • Family is a top priority. If you are interested in a serious relationship with your Filipino bride, the opinion and approval of her parents are extremely important. Try to make a good impression on her parents and family, be yourself and don’t forget to take small gifts to meet her relatives.
  • Focus only on your Filipino woman. As mentioned above, in this country, men are allowed to start a couple of families. Still, many girls are dissatisfied with this model of the family, and they are just tired of womanizers and definitely do not want to marry them.

What to talk to with Filipino brides online and have perfect conversations?

As mentioned above, Filipino brides are rather communicative and friendly, so you won’t find it very difficult to chat with girls from this country. We would advise you to ask, as many questions about your date’s childhood and family as these topics can help you learn a lot about your potential bride and show you as an attentive man. A creative approach to a Philippines wife is preferable, so don’t be afraid of coming up with something interesting and unique!

To sum up

What else can we say about these stunning beauties? Not pretty much. Filipino women are one of the most desired women among Western men for dating and marrying today. They make faithful, respectful, and loving wives and will make your everyday life filled with love, care, and tender.

How long does it take to find a perfect Philippines girl for marriage?

It won’t take you too long to find a suitable date. However, a lot depends on your communication skills and what kind of girl you want to find. If your demands are rather specific, it can some time browse through profiles and choose a perfect date. On average, 1-3 months would be enough to find someone.

Is it expensive to look for a Philipines wife?

Online dating is very affordable, even if you want to spend a lot of money. Typically, you need to spend around $40-80 per month on most dating features and options. $100 would be enough to have the best online dating experience with Filipino brides.

Why are Filipino girls the most popular mail order brides in the world?

These girls are family-oriented, graceful, and easy-going. Americans find it very easy to communicate with these girls, and the overall popularity of online dating in the Philippines makes these girls very approachable!

Are Filipinas considered beautiful?

Yes, ladies from this country are considered beautiful.

How are Filipino brides different from other Asian women for marriage?

The main difference between Philippines girls for marriage and other Asian mail order brides is that the former is not very shy and obedient. If you want to find a woman who looks like an Asian bride but doesn’t act like one, seeking a Philippino date is perfect.