August 18, 2019

Researcher looks for true love in All the Best, Baby

Global Asian Times in conversation with Karan Singh Surana

I am a self-proclaimed geek with a lively personality and an excellent sense of humor. I have always been a firm believer and a living example of “Whatever happens happens for good”. May sound cheesy, but it’s true. With an aspiration to travel to space someday, I hold a post-graduate degree in technology. I am currently working as a research fellow at Sharda University. My few leisure time activities are playing basketball, reading novels and positive mental attitude books, watching comedy and sci-fi series, movies and documentaries. Born and raised in Kolkata, with roots in Rajasthan, I currently live in the National Capital Region of India.

Karan Singh Surana

Karan Singh Surana

Global Asian Times: Welcome to Global Asian Times, Karan. Tell us something about yourself not many people are aware of.

Karan Singh Surana:  Thank you. That’s a tricky way to start an interview but I shall try my best … I dreamt of being an astronaut back in the high school days. As I grew up, my direction kept changing year after year, and I finally landed up doing research in an area I always fancied, i.e. Solar Cells.

Global Asian Times: What made a technology buff turn to fiction?

Karan Singh Surana: Reading novels and positive mental attitude books has been a part of my adolescence. Most of the romance genre writers portray a great deal of sex in their novels which forced me to think: ‘Why can’t they write about feelings of being in true love?’ I started writing on that subject during my Master’s degree and finally wrapped a story around it.

Global Asian Times: Talk to us about your debut book, All the Best, Baby.

Karan Singh Surana: All the Best, Baby was born out of few real life instances amalgamated with imagination. Although the book comes under romance genre, it has a lot more to offer like friendship, corruption in university and caste differences in society with an ultimate inclination towards faith in oneself and the Almighty. Also, the feelings of being in true love are described discretely throughout. Since it’s a semi-fictional book, many readers will be able to relate to the content.

Global Asian Times: What comes to your rescue when you are faced with the notorious “Writer’s Block”?

Karan Singh Surana S: Fortunately this situation seldom appears as I have a full-time research job, which means I I always have something cooking up at the back of my mind. However, two things have proved to be helpful: first, I listen to some groovy tracks; second, I pick up any book from my collection and start narrating a random page. These two tricks always help me picture a scenario which otherwise eludes me.

Global Asian Times: What role does your native city play in shaping your writings?

Karan Singh Surana: Although my native place is in Rajasthan, I have lived my entire life in Kolkata before moving to NCR four years ago. Every city is a blend of many prevalent cultural heritages, and Kolkata is no exception. Growing up in Kolkata must have had its influence in the way I portray scenarios, but frankly, I am unaware of it.

Global Asian Times: Which is the one character from your book that you enjoyed creating the most and why?

Karan Singh Surana: It would be unfair to point to any one particular character as I imagined myself being each one of them—be it the corrupt official, the dusky female protagonist, the ‘Shakuni mama,’ Sahil, or any of Sahil’s friends. Each one of the characters was thought about in great detail and presented aptly.

Global Asian Times: Writing is a craft that requires extended periods of alone time to allow creative juices to flow and take shape. Do you have any personal favourites for combatting this isolation?

Karan Singh Surana: Ah! The favourite place for penning down my imagination is while travelling in a train without any companion. There I am surrounded by people (characters), yet I am alone. I will share a little secret with you; I wrote a significant portion of All the Best, Baby while travelling.

Global Asian Times: How important is the commercial side of writing and promoting your book as opposed to the sheer joy of the creative art of expression?

Karan Singh Surana: In today’s era, promotion or publicity is just as important as writing. Creating a novel is only half of the tale, the other half is how successfully you manage to reach out to far off audience. Of course, word of mouth publicity is the best medium, but that would happen only when the people like what you have expressed. In essence, writing comes first and then promotion.

Global Asian Times: If you could summon the genie, which author from the past or present would you like to      become and why?

Karan Singh Surana: Without a doubt it would be the English version of the great Premchand. His story depiction always left me mystified as the whole scenario would just come out live from the book. He had such a profound grasp on representing emotions.

Global Asian Times: Did you have a support group like family, friends or colleagues who believed in your passion for writing?

Karan Singh Surana: I kept the idea of writing a book pretty much a secret until I was sure to make it happen. Although my close friends were involved since the beginning, and helped me a great deal in finishing the first draft. With time, the group expanded and I am truly blessed to have all of them in my life.

Global Asian Times: What is your life philosophy?

Karan Singh Surana: There are many philosophies my life is built upon, but the top two are: what goes around comes around and whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Global Asian Times: Our readers would like to sample an excerpt from your book, All the Best, Baby.Book-Karan

Karan Singh Surana: I am sharing a part from chapter 2 called ‘Insanity at 4’ where I have written about the feelings of true love. Here it goes:

# True Love is not just when you keep gazing into each other’s eyes, but also when you keep staring at your lover even though she/he is not noticing.

# True Love is not just when you hug your lover as soon as you meet, but also when you feel shy in presence of crowd and all you can do is a lame handshake or hold a finger.

# True Love is not just when you feel jealous because your lover is spending time with a friend, but also when you have blind trust on the faithfulness of the person.

# True Love is not just when you see your lover smiling, but also when you intentionally act silly to make her/him laugh.

# True Love is not just when you share soft romantic moments, but also when you do creepy things in order to get gentle rebuking from your better half.

# True Love is not just when you get angry at your partner because of a mistake committed, but also when you stand right beside her/him even though you know she/he is wrong and later gently convey the flaw.

# True Love is not just when you keep holding on to a person, but also when you let go.

# True Love is not just when you express your heart filled desires, but also when you can’t convey your feelings and the grasp of hand or a look into the eyes says it all.


In short, Love is true when feelings are pure.

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