June 17, 2019

Romantic relationships have a new name: Trouble

A review by Rubina Ramesh 

Sent by Rubina RameshBook : Trouble Has a New Name

Author: Adite Banerjie

Publisher: Harlequin India

Rating : 5 stars


She is Rayna Dutt. A Supermodel, dusky beauty and dumped…

Dumped? Now that is what caught my attention the moment I started reading this book by Adite Banerjie. Instead of taking a bottle of depression pills, Rayna is all fired up to face the world.. It is in this mood, she rushes to her friend’s wedding and on her way meets…


Neel Arora. A handsome hotelier in an exotic location. Neel is already fed up with Rayna. She is late for the scheduled flight, but seeing her arrive aristocratically in her pink flip flops, makes him do a double take…

The Bonding…

Lord Kama worked overtime and made Rayna and Neel end up in one room in the exotic resort.Can you imagine going to a hotel room alone and in the backyard, an Adonis, comes out of the swimming pool, with a gleaming, semi-naked torso? I tell you, some gals have all the luck! And to rub salt in the wound, they ended up sharing the room because the hotel was full. Hummmph!

The Backstory…

Adite Banerjie

Adite Banerjie

Rayna was already nursing a broken heart. The wedding was supposed to be a diversion, a sanctuary to mend her broken heart. She had been dumped by a lecher named Sid Verma. He was such a cad that he did not have the guts to confront her and tell it on her face. Rather, he chooses a coward’s way out by sending an SMS. Who does that? Jaw dropping. So when she meets Neel, she was not in a very good zone. Add to that, Sid arrives at the wedding with a new girlfriend in tow.

Rayna knew one thing. She could not look weak in front of him. She asks Neel to pose as her fiance. He refuses and then much to her amazement, he comes to her rescue when she needs him the most. (Atta boy!!) So, now that her face is saved, she decides to fall in love with Neel! Only to see him leave her too…

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Reasoning for the star rating:

The five stars are not for Rayna or Adite, but for Neel. Such a humane hero.We have seen heroes doing things for their gals, or rescuing their girl. The macho kind, The kind kind, the alpha hero and the beta hero. But Neel is real. Someone we ladies always hope to meet one day. A compassionate man, a passionate lover, and above all, a man who knows what he wants in life. I loved the way he is shown to struggle and then come up in life. It is not that I expect all heroes to rise from poverty, but I could relate to Neel’s struggle and applaud his victory. Adite has not only made us fall in love with Neel, but has also made us understand his character deep down. Both Neel and Rayna: A hero and a heroine… above the rest, yet with flaws which many of us have. Adite has just shown us how they have risen above their stature and why they deserve to be her protagonists.

This review was first published in The Book Club, a USA-based blog, and has been republished with permission.

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