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  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable prices
  • Understandable communication tools
  • Active female members
  • No mobile app
  • Not all profiles are detailed
Last Updated: May 2023

Honest TopChineseGirls Review: Is This Site Worth Your Attention In 2023?

Many websites claim to be “the best,” but not all of them manage to keep this status when it comes to analyzing their features and processes. So, we have decided to see if one of the most popular dating platforms, TopChineseGirls, meets users’ expectations. In this article, we’ll highlight notable findings about the mentioned site to see if you should pay attention to it.

Registration on TopChineseGirls

TopChineseGirls impresses users from first sight because it has a pleasant design and isn’t filled with numerous ads and banners. When accessing the site, you’ll see the photo of a wonderful Chinese girl.

First, you’ll need to fill in a sign-up form that requires basic information about you, such as name, birthday, and email. After that, you’ll encounter a matching algorithm that finds women’s profiles that match your preferences. If you want to find the most suitable Chinese girls, make sure to state information about your tastes and desired qualities.

Once you’re done, it’s time to wait for the verification and customize your profile. Don’t forget about uploading a photo and pointing out essential information about yourself.

Services and prices of TopChineseGirls

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When communicating with Chinese girls on the website, the best tip is to use various communication services. For example, you can send stickers or emojis to the women when you’re chatting. It makes the conversations more engaging and fun. Also, you can send flowers and gifts, which is an exceptional feature to prove the seriousness of your intentions.

What are the prices on TopChineseGirls

TopChineseGirls is a credit-based site, so each communication tool has its price. The users purchase credit packages for the following cost:

  • $2.99—20 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits

Make sure to check how many credits you have before using the communication tools.

Live chat and video chat

This is a notable tool for getting to know your Chinese girl better because it feels like real-life communication. A video chat costs 50 credits.

Viewing letters/photos/video attachments

Chinese girls can’t imagine online communication without exchanging photos and videos. You’ll need to pay 10 credits for photos and 50 for videos to open such letters.

Sending letters and commenting photos

Enjoyed a photo and want a woman to know about it? On TopChineseGirls, you can pay 2 credits and leave a comment under any picture. If you want to send a letter, it will cost 30 credits.

Sending bouquets or presents

The cost of this tool is different for each man, depending on what you want to send to your Chinese girl. But the delivery price is standard—100 credits.

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A responsive support team is a prerequisite for success for any dating website. TopChineseGirls understands this, so the website’s customer support specialists are available 24/7. You don’t have to wait several hours until they respond because they’re always in touch.


TopChineseGirls has recently introduced additional encryption software to make sure its users’ data, both personal and financial, is secure. Also, it implements verification procedures to prevent any scammers and fraudsters from accessing the website.

Author’s opinion about TopChineseGirls

“As for me, a smoothly working website is a top criterion all users should take into account. Nobody likes waiting for several minutes until the photos are finally uploaded, and you can scroll through the page, right? When using TopChineseGirls, you’ll never encounter such issues. The website highly values user experience, putting considerable effort into the tech side of the platform.

Forget about spending long minutes waiting for your interlocutor to receive the message because page responsiveness isn’t an empty word for this dating platform. Try it out yourself to enjoy the convenience of using top-quality sites.”

What’s special about TopChineseGirls

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Some dating websites seem to be great until you click on users’ profiles and see that most of them don’t have any photos. That’s a disappointment because how are you supposed to choose a Chinese girl for dating if you don’t know how she looks. TopChineseGirls is aware of this issue and strives to mitigate it. That’s why you’ll rarely stumble upon profiles with no photos because the platform truly cares about delivering a high-level user experience, and women’s accounts with a bunch of photos positively affect it.


Chinese women are incredible, and now, you have many opportunities to see it for yourself. TopChineseGirls has the word “top” in the beginning, not without reason. It truly provides exceptional services to its users and helps them meet perfect Asian girls who might be thousands of kilometers away from them but seem closer thanks to the platform’s communication tools.


How can I get my profile approved on TopChineseGirls?

You just need to provide valid data when creating a profile. For example, make sure to state your real birth date and email because they’re critical for creating a profile on the site.

Do I need a professional photo to create a profile on TopChineseGirls?

No, you don’t. You can select the best photo of yourself and make sure it’s of high quality. You don’t have to go to a professional photographer because a picture where you’re the most good-looking will surely attract Chinese girls.

Is TopChineseGirls expensive?

No, it’s not. The site aims to provide affordable services at an average price on the dating market. You won’t have to spend a fortune to use the services of this dating website, and its credit-based system allows saving a couple of hundred dollars thanks to frequent discounts.

Is it safe to use TopChineseGirls?

Yes, it is because the website constantly monitors external activities and blocks users who are suspicious. TopChineseGirls aims to ensure a safe communication environment, so it invests in encryption software to protect its members’ personal and financial data.

What is the quality of girls’ profiles on TopChineseGirls?

The quality is high because the platform checks all the women’s personalities by requiring an ID card to make sure they’re real. Only those who pass this check can create their profiles. Also, girls are often asked to send introductory videos to prevent fraudsters from accessing the platform.