October 13, 2019

Ruchira Khanna, author—Choices, book

Ruchira Khanna is a biochemist turned writer whose first novel, Choices, was released in 2013. Next came her children’s book, The Adventures of Alex and Angelo, in the year 2014. The same year, one of her stories got included in a published anthology, The Turning point of Life. Ruchira is getting ready to launch another fictional novel in January 2016. In her spare time, she is a Reiki Master.

Ruchira Khanna

Ruchira Khanna

GAT: Welcome to Global Asian Times. Tell us something about yourself that not many people are aware of.

Ruchira Khanna: Just another soul who is trying to make a difference in this lifetime by juggling my passion and responsibilities. I’m a biochemist turned writer, who draws inspiration from various sources and tries to pen them down to create awareness within her and the society. I published a novel in 2013, which peeps into everyone’s daily life named, “Choices” My children’s book, The Adventures of Alex and Angelo, was released in 2014, and it got a thumbs up from Kirkus Reviews.

GAT: What sparked off the idea for your latest book?

Ruchira Khanna: My upcoming title, Voyagers into the unknown, encircles around the quest for happiness. All of mankind is looking for this noun in all forms, hence I thought of writing a fiction novel about it.

GAT: Does the journey of seeing an idea develop and flourish into a full-fledged book teach you something about yourself or make you a better person in any way?

Ruchira Khanna: Absolutely! While writing, I make an effort to peep into my consciousness and question the “If’”, “What” and “But” thus, making me ponder and reason out the particular situation I am writing about. For instance, my first book, “Choices” has taught me to look into each proposition and work towards it. If it turns futile, no worries, I learned something from it. If it’s a success, then it was worth it!

GAT: If an aspiring writer asks you for just one golden advice of wisdom, what would it be?

Ruchira Khanna:  Write what inspires you!

GAT: If one of your books was to be adapted as a Bollywood/Hollywood film, which would it be and why?

Ruchira Khanna:  “Choices” and “Voyagers into the unknown” both have a take-home message while peeping into the diverse cultures around us, thus guaranteeing to touch the soul.

GAT: Tell us about your publishing journey. Was it smooth or bumpy?

Ruchira Khanna: So far my publishing journey has been bumpy, but I am pretty sure eventually it will become smooth because by the law of nature, no road can continue to stay bumpy if tread upon year after year!

GAT: If you were not a writer, what would you have been?

Ruchira Khanna:  I am a Biochemist, and was in the corporate world until I started weaving words. The corporate world is sometimes missed, but most times, I treasure my alone time and play with my thoughts.

GAT: What are your future projects?

Ruchira Khanna: I have an upcoming book in January of 2016 that encircles around mankind’s quest for happiness. I am currently working on another fiction novel that encircles around a physical body!

GAT: Aside from writing, what are your other passions?

Ruchira Khanna: I am a Reiki Master and teach and conduct sessions in channelling the universal energy.

GAT: How does your writing benefit the society?

Ruchira Khanna: My books have a take-home lesson. They make the reader ponder and contemplate one’s existence, thus making them revolve around a reason to thrive!

GAT: Do you lead your imagination or do you allow imagination to lead you?

Ruchira Khanna: It’s both ways. I don’t keep it on a leash while writing. It’s while editing that I am on my guard.

GAT: Our readers would like to savour a brief extract from your latest book in maximum 500 words.

Choices (an excerpt):Choices

Albert’s bellowing voice immediately invites him in. Albert is a tall, athletic man whose well-defined muscles bulge below the neatly rolled up sleeves of his shirt.

He signals Mateo to sit down and finishes signing off some papers. New cuts are coming in prison, which Albert has to confirm via his signatures. Once done and papers put aside, Albert smiles and ask Mateo, “So how are you feeling? You will be a dad in a few hours.”

Mateo shrugs his shoulders, and his forehead becomes sweaty, but he sounds positive and excited, “I have mixed feelings right now. I guess when I will hold the baby in my arms; I will realize my responsibilities.”

Albert laughs and assures him, “You will be okay. I am sure you will do as good a job being a father as you do here, at work.”

Mateo feels confident and sits up straight saying, “Thank you!” He is quick to add, “I hope I do as good a job as you have done with Leonardo.”

Albert beams with delight hearing his son’s name and responds, “Oh! That boy knows what he wants to do with his life. He is one determined fella.” He continues, but with remorse, “Although I hope that his goal in life meets his destiny.”

There is silence in the room as both the men reflect on their past and the turmoil.

Albert is quick to press the fast-forward button and comes to his present by pulling out an envelope from the drawer. He puts it in front of Mateo.

Mateo’s thoughts get distracted after seeing that cover.

Confused and nervous Mateo asks, “What is it?” Albert pushes it towards Mateo and says, “Open it.” Mateo slits through it with shaky fingers because getting a pink slip right now would be awful, pulls out a typed letter and starts to read.

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