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How Good Is A Thai Mail Order Bride For Foreign Guys?

The first question is, why do guys fall in love with Thai women? What is a secret of such a great number of happy marriages between Thai beauties and foreign men? To answer this question and better understand the motivation of Thai women to marry foreigners and move to another country, we collected many surveys and found international couples who shared their experiences. We analyzed hundreds of statistics. Now the online dating industry is a new trend in Thailand.

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Last Updated: Jun 2023

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Not only foreign men dream of meeting a Thai girl but also Thai girls find foreign men, especially Western guys, very attractive and handsome. If you have serious intentions, both options are suitable for you: mail order bride services where girls are looking for marrying a foreigner, and websites used by girls with different intentions from easy flirting to serious relationship. Nowadays, marrying a Thai woman is a dream of thousands of men from different continents. Just keep reading the to find out what exactly makes Thai girls so outstanding and desired by foreign men.

The popularity of stunning Thai brides: what is their secret?

Thailand mail order brides

Thailand brides gain mostly all of those fantastic qualities that men are seeking in their wives. They are extremely beautiful, feminine, and hot. Moreover, they make perfect wives and mothers. In the romantic relationships, Thai women brides will be true friends for their partners; they will always listen, support, and stay near you in any situation. But which features of these ladies make men all over the world go crazy about them? Let’s find it out!

They look like the supermodels

Girls in Thailand know the secret of how to always look unsurpassed. Of course, appearance is not the most important thing when looking for a partner, but this is the first thing we pay attention to when meeting a person. Unequivocally, these girls are naturally beautiful, and moreover, they know how to emphasize it successfully. They are not afraid to show their femininity, and on the streets of Thailand, you will be surprised how many girls wear mini skirts, dresses, and high heels. Unlike Western ladies, Thai women attach great importance to their everyday looks — a super stylish look, perfect makeup, and hairstyle. Dark hair, almond-shaped brown eyes, and plump lips set Thai wives apart from all other nationalities.

These women are very petite and slender; a wonderful combination of genetics and their lifestyle allows them to look young and hot even at an older age. Thailand mail order wives look beautiful even when they don’t try. Let us be honest — millions of men worldwide fall in love with Thai mail brides because they have that special charm and femininity.

Strong and confident personalities

Over the last decade, the modern world has greatly influenced the rather conservative society in Thailand. Girls have become more confident and open-minded during this time and are not afraid to openly show their emotions and feelings. Stunning Thai women have become more independent and more focused on their self-fulfillment and careers than in previous years. These women will always say what they really think, and unlike other Asian countries, now public affection in Thailand is accepted by society. Thai wives accept and love themselves the way they are. Beautiful Thai girls are very passionate and know how to fill any evening with a loved one with love, feelings, and romance.

Women from Thailand are family-oriented

This is one of the reasons why Thai women choose foreign men: the happy family life is the main priority for these girls, and almost every one of them dreams of having a baby. But according to statistics, the level of unmet fertility is too high in Thailand. So if you dream of finding not only a faithful partner and friend but also a caring wife and loving mother to your future children, then a Thai woman will be the perfect match for you.

They like Western culture

Thai wives

We are often afraid of a relationship with a foreign partner because of cultural and language barriers as these misunderstandings can lead to complete collapse. But this is an old and annoying myth, for example, in the case of Thai wives. They are much closer to Western culture than you can only imagine. They speak English fluently, watch Western movies every day, want to visit the United States, and dream of finding their prince abroad. Of course, there are mental, cultural, and social differences between these cultures, but they do not create a cultural gap. Still, on the contrary, such relationships with Thai brides are much more interesting and exciting.

Looking for an equal relationship

Brides from Thailand remain incredibly delicate, accurate, kind, and fragile personalities. They are well-mannered and perfectly know how to find their own balance between confidence and shyness. Modern beauties in Thailand are looking for an equal relationship, that is something that brings Thai wives and Western guys a bit closer to each other. They both want to be treated with respect and have their own time for self-improvement, interests, and hobbies.

Inner positivity and happiness

Thailand is a very exotic and extraordinary country, filled with bright festivals, holidays, cities that live nightlife, music, and dance. Thai wives are very positive, friendly, and just love to get to know new people in their lives. A smile never leaves their faces, and they will solve even the most difficult situation with ease. In a relationship with such a Thai mail order bride, you will rarely quarrel and argue. They will always go to meet you and find the perfect solution to the problem for both of you.

Appearance of Thai mail order brides

Many people say that a Thai bride is one of the most stunning people you’ll ever meet, and it’s hard to deny this. Local girls boast incredible appearance traits, and their natural beauty is what attracts so many Western men. It’s hard to meet such ladies somewhere else in the world, and these are some of the features that make them stand out:

  • Luscious black hair. Often, one of the most notable things about the appearance of a Thailand mail order bride is her hair because that’s what makes her different from other ladies.  
  • Full lips. When speaking with mail order Thai brides, you won’t be likely to miss a word during the conversation because they share remarkable ideas, and it’s hard to stop looking at their gorgeous lips.  
  • Caramel-toned skin. Thai brides spend a lot of time outside because it’s good for their health. So, no wonder why their skin has such a pleasant tone. 

Petiteness. Usually, Thai mail order brides aren’t tall and have curvy yet thin figures. You’ll definitely feel like a strong man who needs to protect his lover when around her.

Notable personality traits of a Thai bride

Apart from being attractive on the outside, a Thailand mail order bride has a remarkable personality that draws people to her. She easily finds a common language with others and makes sure her interlocutors feel comfortable. These are some of the remarkable personality traits of Thai brides:

  • Self-confident. A Thai mail order bride knows what she wants, and nothing will stop her from achieving her goals. She doesn’t doubt her skills and puts effort into honing her knowledge.   
  • Modest. Despite all the successes a Thai bride has in her life, she won’t boast about them. Also, she is considerate of others and puts their needs ahead of her own because she is always willing to help those around her.  
  • Cheerful. Mail Thai brides prefer staying optimistic and perceiving events from a positive point of view. She is passionate about many things, and that’s how she stays in a good mood most of the time. 
  • Neat. Thai brides always look put together because they understand the impact of basic yet stylish clothes that combine with each other. This trait helps her feel more confident and attractive in people’s eyes. 
  • Easy-going. You won’t have to come up with sophisticated pick-up lines to attract a Thai bride because it’s better to start communicating with her about the interests you share. This girl will make you feel like you’ve known each other for a while after communicating just for a bit because she’s always ready to let new people in her life.
  • Emotionally mature. You won’t have to deal with arguments and misunderstandings when in a relationship with a Thai bride because she understands that such an approach won’t lead to anything good. Instead, she prefers a calm and respectful dialogue. 

What is special about Thai mail order wives

Despite the cultural differences, Western men are fond of Thai women and are eager to build serious relationships with them. It doesn’t come as a surprise because local ladies obtain all the traits a man could ask for, and it’s a pleasure to be around them. They have a nurturing nature, which means that your Thai wife will make sure to take care of the family’s well-being. Moreover, Thai girls understand that their husbands need support and motivation to get what they want. That’s why your wife will always encourage you to achieve your goals. A Thai bride will become your best friend and loyal partner. 

What is a Thai wife like in marriage?

Thanks to being emotionally mature, Thai mail order brides are easy to build relationships with. They are ready for compromises and eagerly discuss any issues with their men. Also, Thai ladies are pros at practically anything, from cooking to raising children, which means your family will be perfect. These women have strong family values and amazing time-management skills, so they spend enough time with children, build their careers, and make sure to keep the spark in relationships with their men. 

Why do Thai women choose foreign men?

In recent years, the situation in Thailand has deteriorated greatly. According to the latest study, the divorce rate rose to 39% within only 10 years, and fewer women are satisfied with Thai men. Most of them choose to stay single and not marry at all, instead of marrying someone who doesn’t match you. According to the statistics, more Thai girls are in the “never-married” category than ever before. But this is one of the reasons why international marriages are becoming popular in this country. The average age of Thai brides at first marriage increased greatly. But this is one of the reasons why international marriages are becoming popular in this country. Many girls are looking for their lifetime partner online. You will be surprised by the number of beautiful women from Thailand who are registered on such sites and are serious about their relationships with a foreign partner.

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Is it easier to meet a Thai bride online than offline?

Since there’s an abundance of Thai mail order brides sites, it’s much easier to meet your lover online than travel to this country while spending a lot of time and money on this trip. When communicating with girls online, you can select your preferences and choose from the ladies that match them. It’s a more cost- and time-effective solution that will help you achieve the desired results in a short time. Let’s compare meeting a Thai bride online vs offline:

You can communicate with girls from anywhereYou have to travel to Thailand to meet local girls 
Thai dating sites have reasonable prices and don’t have unexpected expensesTraveling to Thailand isn’t cheap, and there are many additional expenses
Search filters help find women who match your tasteYou can’t be sure that a woman you meet offline will have the personality traits that attract you

The average Thai brides cost and what’s included in it

When calculating Thai bride cost, you have to pay attention to a slew of factors that affect it. Although the prices might be different in your case, these are the approximate expenses you can expect when looking for a Thai woman online:

  • Dating site services. There are various communication tools available on dating sites, so you’re the one to decide how much you’re ready to spend on them. Usually, men use such sites for about 6 months before they meet their future brides offline. The average sum guys spend on dating platform’s services is around $1,000. 
  • Gifts. You can choose any present, and it will be especially memorable if you send your woman something that matches her interests. It can be something as simple as a box of chocolates and more personal, like a bottle of perfume. You can expect to spend $50–$300 on the gift. 
  • Two-way ticket. On average, you can buy a ticket to Thailand for about $800.  
  • Accommodation. When in Thailand, you’ll need to book a hotel or an apartment, which will cost about $700 for two weeks.  
  • Food. It’s not expensive to eat out in Thailand, so the average sum you’ll spend on two people will be about $250. 
  • Entertainment. You’d want to make your dates more memorable by visiting different places. This will add about $200 to the final sum. 
  • Fiancee visa. Once your Thai bride is ready to move to the US, you’ll have to handle a bunch of expenses, which will cost around $1,000. 

On average, the cost of a Thai bride is $4,150, not including the wedding expenses. 

Top tips for conquering the heart of a Thai mailorder bride

Sexy thailand brides

Thanks to the Internet and a wide range of different mail order bride services and other online dating sites, finding a bride even if you are thousands of miles apart is no longer a problem. But during your online communication and live meetings with a pretty girl from Thailand, there are some recommendations and tips that are worth paying attention to.

  1. Be polite
  2. Be a gentleman
  3. Meet her family
  4. Dress up nicely
  5. Don’t be pushy
  6. Show her your best side
  7. Compliment her
  8. Bring a small gift for a date
  9. Be patient
  10. Focus only on her
  11. Respect her country, thai culture and traditional values
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Stereotypes about Thailand mail order brides

The more popular brides become, the more myths appear about them. Before meeting your girlfriend from Thailand, it is very important to dispel certain stereotypes to avoid annoying and awkward situations on your first date.

  • They only want your money. It’s definitely false. Living and working conditions in Thailand are excellent, and they don’t care about your financial situation, only love matters for them.
  • They want to leave Thailand for a better life in another country. Moving to another country for studying or working is not a problem for Thai girls.
  • They are dreaming of being good housewives. Today, career and self-development are important for every Thai bride. Many women travel to other countries today to study or work.
  • They do not want to get married. As already mentioned above, both men and women are in a difficult situation in Thailand. But most Thai singles are using mail order bride services and other online dating sites to find their perfect partner for marriage abroad.

To sum up

Marrying a Thai woman can be one of the best experiences in your life. Hot Thai girls are among the most popular foreign dates today, more and more men all over the world dream of finding their perfect match from Thailand. So do not hesitate, register on online dating sites and meet your beautiful Thai mail order bride today.


How do I get a mail order bride from Thailand?

Thai ladies are very active in communication and enjoy talking to foreigners online. They are quite westernized already, so you won’t have much trouble finding common language. They like being noticed, so don’ hesitate to write the first message. Starting off with a compliment is a great idea to get a Thai woman.

Why do Thai women want to marry foreign men?

Thai brides seek for something they can’t find in local men. They know Western guys can be very caring, interesting, well-educated and supportive, so they wish to marry a man like that. Unfortunately, Thailand can’t offer enough gentlemen, so there is no wonder women become mail order brides.

What is the average age for marriage in Thailand?

Thai women become wives pretty early compared to the Western ladies. Usually, it is about 20 years old that they marry. If you dream about a young wife, and you want her to be Asian, Thai girls seem to be a good option for that!

How much do brides from Thailand cost?

There is no doubt that paid sources are usually the best as they guarantee more safety and real users. The pricing systems are almost equal on most dating platforms. Approaching a Thai bride may cost you $3000 a year (up to the wedding organization). It is a very reasonable price because you can use a lot of services there and meet a perfect woman.

What to expect from your mail order bride?

If you are looking forward to dating a Thai mail order bride, be sure she will treat you like a king. Thai girls are very family-oriented and do it all to guarantee the best for their husbands. Want lots of love and a sweet home? Marry a Thai mail order bride.