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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Find Beautiful Vietnamese Wife!

Vietnamese mail order brides and wives are often named among the most suitable women for marriage around the world — that’s just a fact. Women in Vietnam are attractive, caring, and very romantic. Thousands of guys from the US and other foreign countries marry Vietnamese women every year, and after learning just a few things about these girls, it’s easy to see why.

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Last Updated: May 2023

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However, if you live in a completely different part of the world, you are probably wondering: how can you, a foreigner, meet a bride from Vietnam? This is what international dating sites are for, and at, we know everything about them and long-distance relationships with Vietnamese brides. Here, you can find many useful articles about Asian women for marriage and a selection of the best mail order brides sites to meet them.

Besides, you always need to remember that not all Vietnamese women want to marry foreign men. Some of them just want to have a romantic experience with an American man or haven’t yet thought about marriage and a wedding dress. If you do not have serious relationships, you need to use international dating sites. Still, if you are really into marrying a Vietnamese bride, you should visit mail order bride websites. Anyway, let’s dive into the world of hot Vietnamese babes!

Why do Vietnamese women become mail order brides?

Being a mail order bride is rather common in Asian countries, but Vietnam easily occupies the top spots by the number of women who marry foreign guys. A typical Vietnam bride is a girl aged 20 to 30 who is not happy with the marriage opportunities in her home country and starts looking for a good foreign man to marry instead.

It’s no secret that good education and career opportunities are limited for women in Vietnam. Even if a girl finds a job, it’s likely to be low-paying, and she will never get as much respect in the workplace as men. It’s easy to think that Vietnamese brides are only motivated by financial and social reasons when deciding to get married to Western men, but it’s not entirely true.

Vietnamese women for marriage are also well-familiar with the image of a Western man from the media or even from encountering tourists who come to Vietnam. Vietnamese brides believe they will get more stability and better treatment with a foreign husband, and they are usually not wrong. That is why a mail order bride from Vietnam will be just as interested in marrying you as you are to meet her.

Are Vietnamese wives good spouses?

Vietnamese brides

You are probably fascinated by Vietnam brides but don’t know enough about them to decide whether you want to spend the rest of your lives with the finest mail order wife Vietnam has to offer. Here are just 5 best qualities of hot Vietnamese babes that will compel you to fall in love with them.

Vietnamese wives are the embodiment of beauty

The natural beauty of the hottest Vietnamese girls for marriage is something you won’t be able to ignore the first time you meet them, and you will never grow tired of seeing the same gorgeous Vietnamese bride by your side. The look of women in this country is simply striking thanks to their highly contrasting features, their flawless skin, and their dark locks. Vietnamese brides are famously petite, and while they may lack the curves of some other foreign bombshells, their wonderful genetics and healthy way of living mean their bodies look the same even after several childbirths.

Vietnamese girls for marriage take care of the people they love

To ladies from Vietnam, love is not just a fancy word. When they love someone, they are prepared to do anything it takes to keep that person happy.

Vietnamese mail order brides don’t take love lightly, and it may take them some time to confess their love to you, but even before that happens, you can already feel her love in little gestures. From packing you a fresh lunch for work to reminding you to wear a hat on a cold morning — it’s the little things that make marriage with a Vietnamese girl special.

Vietnamese ladies are incredibly resilient

Vietnamese mail order wives

As you can imagine, most mature Vietnamese women grow up in a less than perfect environment. It’s even more true for the majority of Vietnamese mail order wives, who are partially motivated by their desire to improve their living conditions. However, the unique thing about Vietnam brides is that they don’t allow the hardships of their life to break them. On the contrary, pretty Vietnamese women believe those hardships make them stronger and prepared for any challenge life may throw at them.

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They value family over wealth

A bride’s family ties are very important in Vietnamese culture, and you will hardly come across a Vietnamese lady who doesn’t use all her time and resources to help her family. They have strong family values, and once you two become an item, she will consider you to be part of the family, and so will her parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members.

They will accept you as one of their own and will surround you with genuine love and care, regardless of how much wealth you have.

They excel at housework

While some Western women are trying to do as little housework as they can, Vietnamese mail order brides consider it to be one of their true callings in life. A Vietnamese mail order bride does not need to be persuaded to cook or clean for her family — to her, it’s just another way of showing her devotion to her loved ones. And if you have never tried fresh, homemade Vietnamese delicacies such as com tam, banh mi, and pho, trust us: you are in for a treat.

Major qualities of a Vietnamese woman for marriage

The thing that makes dating Vietnamese brides online so attractive is their character. A girl from this country is humble but strong, passionate but obedient, family-oriented but fun. She is a person who can always be there for you because being a supportive wife is one of the responsibilities of a Vietnam bride for sale. There is no point in talking about how beautiful Vietnamese women for marriage are. Girls from Asian countries have some magical properties that make Americans fall for them.

Honesty and loyalty are foundations for a Vietnamese family, which is why you can be sure that your bride will be honest and loyal to you. If you can prove that you are a man she can follow, your wife will never betray or disappoint you!

Stereotypes about a Vietnamese wife for sale

Just like finding any other woman for marriage online, buying a Vietnamese wife always comes with stereotypes and prejudice. In this section, we would like to address the most common misconceptions about building a family with a Vietnamese mail order bride:

  1. Vietnamese women for marriage are all about money. No, while there are some girls who just want to scam foreigners, ladies who use mail order bride sites don’t seek relationships to get money. They look for love and happiness.
  2. It is illegal to buy Vietnam wife. Of course not! Buying a wife from Vietnam doesn’t mean getting involved in some illegal activities. It is just an expression that means to pay for online communication!
  3. Vietnamese women secretly hate Americans. This stereotype goes back to the Vietnamese war. A lot of years have passed since then, and people have changed. Vietnamese women for marriage seek a relationship with an American man as an opportunity to have a better life and a happy family. So, no, they don’t hate Americans!

Dating with a hot Vietnamese girls: Top 5 rules

Dating a Vietnamese bride

A Vietnamese bride is not the kind of woman who will deliberately make things harder for you and make you jump through the hoops just to get a bit of her attention. She will do everything it takes to charm you, and here is what you can do on your end:

  • Be willing to take the lead. Vietnamese wives don’t judge the attractiveness of a man using a long list of requirements, but they do want to marry a guy who isn’t afraid of responsibility. Hot Vietnamese girls are brought up in a way that prevents them from questioning the male leadership in the family. And since she is willing to give you the full reins in the relationship, you need to prove you are ready to accept this challenge.
  • Accept her just the way she is. A Vietnamese mail order bride can be completely different from the women you used to know. She certainly looks different, but she also has a completely unique cultural background, upbringing, and views on life. But even though some of her beliefs may seem outlandish to you or her style in clothing may be too obsolete for your liking, actively encouraging your pretty Vietnamese bride to change who she is will definitely backfire sooner or later.
  • Prove you are a complete gentleman. In many ways, Vietnamese ladies are forward-thinking individuals who are strong and can do anything by themselves. However, they also have some outdated beliefs. In a new happy relationship, they want to be treated like they are the main character of a romance movie.

Make sure you display gentlemanly behavior all the time, from giving your coat to her on a chilly night to paying for every restaurant dinner and movie at the cinema you attend together. Small gifts will also never hurt.

  • Let her set the pace of the romance. It’s not common for Vietnamese women to date around, and they have very little romantic experience before the wedding ceremony. They are also very careful about choosing a foreign partner to spend the rest of their lives with. So don’t be alarmed when a Vietnamese bride takes longer to progress through the relationship stages than the women from your own country. She is just thinking about the future with you and trying to decide whether the relationship between the two of you will work out.
  • Watch your language and jokes. The fascinating quality of pretty Viet girls is that they take everything they hear at face value, especially when it’s coming from a man they are romantically interested in. It’s not that Vietnam mail order wives don’t have a sense of humor, but it’s much more naive and far less riddled with sarcasm than the humor in the West. It’s very easy to offend your Vietnamese girlfriend with a crude joke or bad choice of words, so you need to be careful about those things.
Vietnamese woman for marriage

How much does it cost to get a Vietnamese mail order bride?

Online dating sites are now evolving increasingly. It helps people to find love on the opposite side of the world. Many Western men opt for Asian ladies, especially Vietnamese brides, because they have fantastic beauty and amazing life perspectives. If you are willing to find the price of a Vietnamese mail order bride, you should pay attention to online and offline expenses. You can find stunning Vietnamese brides online. Here is the list of the most reputable dating sites where you can meet Vietnamese brides:

Dating sitePrices fromSpecial bonus offers
EasternHoneys$2.9920 bonus credits after signing up
TheLuckyDate$9.99The price for credits start only at $2.99 for 2 credits
DateNiceAsian$15.99Get your first 2 credits for only $3.99
CuteAsianWoman$3.991 month of Premium membership for free with the purchase of credits

Online dating expenses

Dating Vietnamese brides online becomes more engaging when you shower your lady with presents. You can also use features without the credits, for instance, creating a profile, reading messages, or watching photos.

But sassy communication features are available only to paying members:

  •  Live chatting—2 credits per minute
  •  Sending photos in the chats—10 credits
  •  Opening videos in the chats—50 credits

Online and offline presents

Foreign husbands can surprise Vietnamese brides with online and offline gifts. Popular Asian brides adore teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates. On average, foreign men spend 50-1,500 USD on gifts. The pricing is up to their budget.

The trip costs

When we desire to build serious relationships with someone, we have to see this person in life. Foreign men usually take a trip to Vietnam to meet Vietnamese brides. It may cost you about $1,500-3,000, depending on what flight tickets you choose. The price for the accommodation per two weeks costs $400-700.

Marriage migration

Western men willing to marry Vietnamese brides should take care of a K-1 visa. Your future wife will need to apply for a visa in order to legally marry you. Visa costs $2,000. Plus, if you both desire to have a wedding ceremony, this might take $10,000-20,000. 

How to have great communication with a Vietnam bride for sale online?

First, you need to be charming but not too assertive. Start casually and don’t try to learn everything about your interlocutor right away. Keep your topics neutral and try to focus on her. Ask her questions about her life and the things she likes to do. If you see that your interlocutor doesn’t want to talk about herself, talk about yourself! Don’t try to sound boastful and charitable. Avoid discussing politics and religion, as these topics are not great when you want to have a simple online conversation and buy Vietnamese wife!

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A real-life date with a Vietnamese wife for sale: What do you need to know?

If you want to have a real-life date with a Vietnam wife for sale you met online, you need to know a few things that will help you have the best time of your life! In this section, we will cover the main things that you need to know when you decide to find a Vietnamese wife in real-life!

What to talk about with a Vietnamese woman for marriage?

To have great interaction and communication with Vietnamese brides online, you need to know that these popular Asian brides love talking about their families. If you want to get to know your interlocutor a little closer, just ask her about her family. Also, brides from this country enjoy talking about their expectations from relationships. It will help you understand what your partner wants, and she will see you as a caring and attentive person.

Always avoid discussing politics and religion. Don’t mention the Vietnamese war. Don’t compare Vietnamese girls with other Asian ladies. Be respectful, and even if you find some fact or tradition that your interlocutor shared with you absurd or dull, just don’t tell her that.

How to know what your potential wife from Vietnam wants?

First off, if you have met your woman online, you should already know that. If you had a few dates with a woman online, you need to know what kind of relationships she seeks and what kind of man she wants to find. Moreover, if she agreed to have an in-person date with you, then you are a suitable partner for her.

Where to go with Vietnamese brides marriage offline?

Vietnamese wife for sale

It depends on where your potential wife lives. Usual places like theaters, movies, restaurants, and galleries are great. You need to have some place that is not very loud but interesting and diverse. Don’t go to nightclubs because you either won’t have a chance to talk to your date, or you will be surrounded by other Vietnamese girls who want to marry a foreigner. The best thing you can do is ask your partner about her favorite place in her town. It can be a park, restaurant, or café. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you ask her to go to her favorite places will make you look better in her eyes!

Is Vietnamese women marriage worth it?

Yes, both communication and family life with a woman from this country is wonderful. You will have a wife who will always be there for you. If you need her to stay at home and be a housewife, she will do that. If you want an equal marriage, your wife will become the person you want her to be. The only thing you need to understand is that while Asian, and Vietnamese brides, in particular, can be very humble and obedient, they won’t obey if you are disrespectful and rude to them. Vietnamese brides for marriage will follow you only if you are a kind, honest, and caring man.

Final thoughts

Whether you have already talked to a Vietnamese mail order wife in person or admired the beauty of Vietnamese mail order brides online, you probably don’t need any more convincing to agree that buy a wife from Vietnam is exactly what you need to be happy. The only remaining question is where to look for your ideal partner.

The fantastic news is that nowadays, the online dating industry is so developed that you can meet Vietnamese brides without leaving the comfort of your own home. Check out our personally selected list of mail order brides sites to find the one who meets your expectations!


How can I get and buy one of Vietnamese brides?

The simplest, quickest, and the most convenient way to get and buy a wife from Vietnam is pick one of the international dating sites. Feel free to choose any of the sites you can find on this website – we have already reviewed each of them carefully.

Why do girls from Vietnam want to date and marry with foreigners?

As we noted before, they do it for plenty of reasons. It is the country where local ladies outnumber local men significantly, where women still need to get married at a pretty early age, and where girls dream of love.

What is the average age of Vietnamese brides?

The majority of women from Vietnam get married at a quite early age. Most Vietnamese brides are 18-22 years old. As for the age of their foreign husbands, they are usually 10-12 years older than their wives.

How much are brides in Vietnam cost?

You cannot order one of them, pay a certain price and then have a wife delivered to your doorstep. However, you will need to pay for basic & special dating services (if you choose a paid site, of course). The prices of membership on such platforms, as well as prices of services, vary. The price will be near $2,700 per year for all the services online, plus the travel expenses.

What is it like to live with a Vietnamese wife?

They make great wives not only because they are hot & feminine but also because they are multi-taskers. They are also very motivated to have and raise children, and this never means that they are ready to forget about their children for some time.