October 14, 2019

Will the new year bring new hope for Brampton?

Patrick Brown (Picture credit: Facebook page)

All’s not boding well for Brampton in the light of overall crime de-escalating in Canada, but surging wildly in this growing city of Ontario, affectionately called the Flower City.
A Peel Regional Police report from 2017 revealed a number of interesting statistics, such as the police had seized over 400 firearms and received over 5,800 requests for mental health assistance. “Gun violence remains a top priority for Peel Regional Police and that is clear when you look at crime rates,” police say.
“Macleans magazine recently ranked the Most Dangerous Cities in Canada and Peel ranked 116th place which was low on the list for firearms offences. Our solvency rates for property and violent crime are above the national and provincial rates. Violent crime rates in Peel Region were and continue to be below provincial and national averages.”
Brampton’s new Mayor, Patrick Brown, had made lowering crime rates one of the key issues in his mayoral campaign during the municipal election and he has been delivering on putting in more resources for mental health for the police and community recreation to give youth more positive preoccupations.
Says Brown, “With new leadership at City Hall, we’re going to get Brampton back on track”. It remains to be seen what the new year 2019 holds for this promising city of over 500,000 inhabitants in the ninth most populous municipality of Canada.

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