October 14, 2019

Winter Wedding Fun

Winter weddings can be a tad more fairy-tale like compared to those solemnised during the warmer months. The truly magical effect can be brought about by a romantic indoor venue with wrap around views of angelic white snow which impart the winter wonderland feel, not to mention a rather heavenly experience. The extra attention to detail on how to keep everyone toasty warm will be worthwhile to get this once-in-a-lifetime memory, not just for the lovebirds eager to tie the knot, but for everyone present at the auspicious occasion.

If you are not a bride who favors a long-sleeved wedding gown, don’t fret. A fur stole, cape or a veil are accessories you may want to invest in for the added style and warm spin to your extravaganza. The groom and groomsmen need not worry as they could easily swap the summer blazer with a wool or velvet one and look perfectly trendy. Warm tights for all ladies donning long dresses will be perfectly handy and discreet as your legs will be cozy without looking frumpy.

Footwear can range from boots to ankle booties, both options being totally sleek and weather appropriate for your outdoor pics. It goes without saying that indoor shoe options of your favourite heels need no modifications. Take your pick!  Bridesmaids will also need cover ups, so add a dash of warmth to style so the pictures don’t betray frozen beauties shivering under bitter cold.

As far as make-up goes, make sure you have handled the dry skin issues beforehand with quality moisturizers, lip balms and/or essential oils. Add a splash of festive glitter or sequins to your dresses, make-up or accessories to kick up your style statement a notch. The good news is that sparkles are very easy to find in winter wear as opposed to summer outfits.

Give yourself extra time to reach the venue even if there is no snowfall or freak storms forecast for your big day. It may help to keep just one venue to avoid the hassle of commuting in slick road conditions.

Who can dispute the romance of candles in a winter wedding that not only adds romance to your wintry décor in red, burgundy or metallic tones, but also adds a golden glow to all your photography and videography?

Think about coat check for your guests and welcome them with a hot drink upon arrival. It may be wise to have plain black umbrellas handy for outdoor pictures. Classy leather gloves will definitely help to give you the added warmth whenever you step out for extended periods.

Needless to say that the menu will boast of wintry aromas of grilled cheese and tomato soup, hot chocolate, lava cakes and so much more!

Above all, chill for your big day and take warmth in the thought that your wedding pics will stand out on your living room wall long after the party is over. Make sure to hang the one which offers a breathtaking view of the snowy vistas enveloping you and your significant other.

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